stereophile_recommended-webRogue Audio over-achiever RP1 tube pre-amp was selected by Stereophile as one of the best value for money component.

[Click here] for the full review

thales-ttt-compact-ii-smallMicha Huber of Thales Tonarm updated the already superb TTT-Compact this year. Now known as TTT-Compact II, some minor but essential touches and features were added.

Besides the features, the TTT-Compact II is now also available in bronze or silver finish.

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ol-sovereign-mk3_2-smallOrigin Live powerhouse model Sovereign is now updated to Mk3.2.

Like all other Origin Live turntables, Sovereign is dual arm capable and you may select 12″ arm board too.  HiFi Plus magazine’s Alan Sircom reviewed this turntable with Enterprise-C arm and you may read it here.  In Alan’s words “the Origin Live turntable and arm combination improve on that VPI performance markedly, and also work beautifully with a Lyra design.

[Click here] to read the review in full.

The much awaited musicbook 25:DSD has arrived and is ready for your audition.

This new version packs a bunch of new features (hardware upgrade) and that’s why upgrading from the original version can only be done in Germany. Putting DSD playback and upsampling aside, most importantly, the sound improvement is VERY startling.  The various up-sampling options are highly effective and make meaningful differences.    

[Click here] to read the musicbook 55 and musicbook 25 combo review by HiFi+.

Audes Maestro 106 small
Happy to inform you that our new showroom now has all the 3 models of AUDES Maestro series available for audition – 106 (bookshelf), 116 (2-way floorstander) and 146 (3-way floorstander).

Like all AUDES speakers, the Maestro series are fully handcrafted in Estonia, a speaker specialist with some 80 years of history. The Maestro range is easy to drive, space friendly, good looking (esp. in luxurious Alpi Macassar finish) and most important of all, sounding beyond its asking price.

If you are looking for a pair of speakers in the $2000 to $5000 range, don’t forget to listen to the AUDES Maestro range.

Plixir Elite BAC 400We are happy to announce our dealership of Sound Affairs’ PLiXiR range of power supplies and conditioners.

Many turntable users have experienced and benefited from PLiXiR Balanced DC power supply for their DC turntables – Concept, Performance DC, Funk’s LSD, Pro-ject etc. Sound Affairs recently launched the Elite range to further push DC turntables performance even higher. Also in the Elite series are the BAC power conditioners for source and also high-current applications.

Stereotimes AwardAnnual list of the Most Wanted Components of 2015 by Stereotimes is out.

Among the many good gears awarded, Charisma Audio MC-2 cartridge appears for the first time and seasoned winner Rogue Audio was recognised for the ST-100 model tube amplifier. Should the MC-2 picture from Stereotimes’ website looked somewhat familiar, it is because it came from our website.

[Click here] to read the summary list of winners

emt-jpa66-mkii-hp-smallAlso known as Varia-Curve Tube Stereo Control Center, the JPA 66 MKII is a state of the art 4-phono input and 2 line input, RCA/XLR pre-amp with separate power supply.
This Swiss-made challenges everything you’ve previously experienced in terms of what a superb tube phonostage (not forgetting being highly flexible and adjustable) and a top-notch pre-amp could do.  It will leave you spellbound.

This flagship product is currently on demo at our showroom. The Gold version is a limited edition to celebrate the company’s 75th anniversary. [Click me] for more details and write-up.

bergmann-galder-pic1-smallBergmann launched the all-new design Galder model turntable in Munich Show this year.
The Galder turntable is a whole new design target to be the most universal turntable. It retains the simple is beautiful Scandinavian touch.

Slated to be released around the end of this year is the new Bergmann Odin tonearm. This new separate tangential, airbearing tonearm is designed to fit almost all turntable brands/models. [Click here] for more details and pictures.

9th-anniversary-smallWe celebrated our 9th anniversary in a big way on 13th August 2016. This is also the day we begin our new milestone as we commenced business in a new, much bigger retail space at The Adelphi.

We would like to thank all our customers, friends, our families and especially to those who helped us, guided us (behind the scene). We certainly wouldn’t have done it without you. [Click here] for more pictures.

AudiophileBase Betabase smallWe now have the BetaBase, StarBase and QuattraBase hi-fi racks installed in our new showroom. So what do you expect to hear from these new anti-vibration racks? Most obvious of all is improvement in image solidity and a blacker background. One bonus you may even find is that you need less of those (pricey) isolation feets.

High-end individual vibration control supporting platforms for sub-woofers, mono-block amps etc are also available.

[Click here] for their official website.

Manger MSSp1 smallThe Manger P1 passive floor-standers scores another impressive review from a new review (see last para).

So what are the factors would you would consider Manger? In our experience with this speaker, if you
– desire a large sweet spot. An open, spacious sound
– have limited listening space
– love your music accurate, natural, non-fatigue
– do not need the lowest octaves or thunderous volume

Click here for [Manger P1 review] from The-Ear


hi-fi-plus-august-2015Over the last few months titles such as What Hi-Fi, BBC Music, Home Cinema Choice, SVI, Inside CI and Hi-Fi+ have all written about Studio Connections.

BBC Music magazine said, ‘…a significant improvement in audio quality. If the dream is to capture the essence of a live performance, the Platinum interconnects certainly took me a step closer to achieving that goal…’

Herein is the in-depth article by Hi-Fi+ (UK) published in the August issue.
[Click here] to read the PDF.

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