audes146_2016STEREO magazine of Germany did a shootout of several speakers in similar price range. Namely Canto, T+A, Elac and AUDES 146.

AUDES Maestro is AUDES line of high performing yet affordable speakers range. Model 146, although a 3-way floorstander is high in efficiency and easy to place too.

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PSV Nessie ad 91-p073Original article by Matt Chung in Chinese is translated here by the webmaster. First published in PSV magazine in issue 91 (Jan 2015).

Matt is a seasoned hi-fi enthusiast, a music lover who knows his Cantopop music by heart and a regular article contributor to PSV magazine.

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award-sstage-2016Soundstage Hifi webzine awarded Rogue Audio over-achiever RP1 tube pre-amp for Exceptional Value in the year-end roundup of products. Recall Stereophile also applauded it as  one of the best value for money component.

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thales-ttt-compact-ii-smallMicha Huber of Thales Tonarm updated the already superb TTT-Compact this year. Now known as TTT-Compact II, some minor but essential touches and features were added.

Besides the features, the TTT-Compact II is now also available in bronze or silver finish.

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Plixir Elite BAC 400We are happy to announce our dealership of Sound Affairs’ PLiXiR range of power supplies and conditioners.

Many turntable users have experienced and benefited from PLiXiR Balanced DC power supply for their DC turntables – Concept, Performance DC, Funk’s LSD, Pro-ject etc. Sound Affairs recently launched the Elite range to further push DC turntables performance even higher. Also in the Elite series are the BAC power conditioners for source and also high-current applications.

Manger MSSp1 smallThe Manger P1 passive floor-standers scores another impressive review from a new review (see last para).

So what are the factors would you would consider Manger? In our experience with this speaker, if you
– desire a large sweet spot. An open, spacious sound
– have limited listening space
– love your music accurate, natural, non-fatigue
– do not need the lowest octaves or thunderous volume

Click here for [Manger P1 review] from The-Ear


HiFi+_Awards_142_2106 Origin Live Sovereign Turntable, 2016 Turntable of the Year Award – HiFi+

“It’s one of those rare turntables that doubles as a time machine; you don’t just play an  album, you are transported to where you were when you first heard that album. Records you know well suddenly sound like this is the first time you’ve heard them, and you can give the Sovereign/Enterprise duo any vinyl-related test you can think of and it will come up trumps. Origin Live’s turntable and arm combination is an outstanding and natural pairing, and comes highly recommended.  – Alan Sircon, HiFi+

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Studio Connections Carbon Screen small_1Owner/designer Michael Whiteside harnesses over 30 years of recording music experience, manufacturing cables and building studios that include the BBC, EMI Abbey Road and King’s College, Cambridge. Always under stated but surprisingly good, the value for money Carbon Screen power cord is the subject of this review.  [Click here] to visit HiFi Pig magazine for it.

Also under scrutiny by the same magazine is Studio Connections’ Platinum series of cables which competes at the top-end of cable land. [Click here] for the Platinum Digital cable review.

Bergmann Odin tonearm smallBergmann launched the all-new design Galder model turntable in Munich Show this year.
The Galder turntable is a whole new design target to be the most universal turntable. It retains the simple is beautiful Scandinavian touch.

Slated to be released around the end of this year is the new Bergmann Odin tonearm. This new separate tangential, airbearing tonearm is designed to fit almost all turntable brands/models. [Click here] for more details and pictures.

Lindemann Musicbook 25 small2

The new musicbook:25 DSD received so many well deserved accolades that it is now hard to keep to. Reviews from US, UK, Europe, Australia and even Singapore all have one common conclusion – this 1-box of Streamer, DAC, Pre-amp with CDP (optional) is a Master of all. The sound is very hard to beat and build quality too. Just hook this up with a deserving pair of active speakers and you are in serious, deep audiophile land.

[Click here] to read review from The EAR
[Click here] to read review from HiFi+.

tas-cover-webKicking off 2017, we are delighted to be representing another Europe’s finest analogue brand – EAT.  EAT is the high-end sibling of Pro-Ject (think Lexus and Toyota), which latter is touted to be the world’s largest turntable maker. EAT offers sensible options to many listeners wanting to get into high-end without getting into high price.

We have brought in their latest, highly revered models namely, C-Major and C-Sharp. Our initial impression of EAT turntables is – very musical, well-thought design with built quality second to none. Come visit us for a listen!

emt-jpa66-mkii-hp-smallAlso known as Varia-Curve Tube Stereo Control Center, the JPA 66 MKII is a state of the art 4-phono input and 2 line input, RCA/XLR pre-amp with separate power supply.
This Swiss-made challenges everything you’ve previously experienced in terms of what a superb tube phonostage (not forgetting being highly flexible and adjustable) and a top-notch pre-amp could do.  It will leave you spellbound.

This flagship product is currently on demo at our showroom. The Gold version is a limited edition to celebrate the company’s 75th anniversary. [Click me] for more details and write-up.

AudiophileBase Betabase smallWe now have the BetaBase, StarBase and QuattraBase hi-fi racks installed in our new showroom. So what do you expect to hear from these new anti-vibration racks? Most obvious of all is improvement in image solidity and a blacker background. One bonus you may even find is that you need less of those (pricey) isolation feets.

High-end individual vibration control supporting platforms for sub-woofers, mono-block amps etc are also available.

[Click here] for their official website.


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