Tiglon (Japan) has just renewed their website. Besides spotting a clean, attractive interface and easy to use navigations, it supports the English language. You may now find out all their latest products. [Click here] to start.

New Arrivals

Tiglon’s flagship interconnects TPL-2000R (RCA) and TPL-2000X (XLR) is now available. The flagship employs all the technologies of the TPL-2000A power cable which won the “Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2019 Grand Prix” and “MJ Technology of the Year Excellence Award”.

Cables specialist Dynamique Audio from UK has just released their latest flagship phono cable – Apex after the success of the Apex power cord. This phono cable is designed for the most demanding vinylphiles. If you are in the market for one, this is a must- audition cable. We find it stunning and we’re sure you would too!

To celebrate EMT’s great 80th birthday, the EMT JSD Anniversary cartridge is available as a special edition, strictly limited to 80 pieces. This reference cartridge is characterized by its titanium body, combining relatively low mass with high strength and harmonic resonance behaviour. The JSD Anniversary features a multi-radius diamond on sapphire cantilever, combined with a pure silver coil.


AUDIO 2020 1st place Ortofon SPU Century

Stereoplay 2020 1st place MM Ortofon Concorde Century
Stereoplay 2020 1st place Ortofon MC Quintet Red
Bergmann Magne turntable is the winner of SUPERIOR award by Fidelity Magazine (Germany) in 2020.
Dynamique Audio Halo 2 and Tempest cables awarded Stereotimes Most Wanted Components of the Decade
Tiglon TPL-2000A won Audio Excellence Award 2020 and prestigious Grand Prix

Pre-owned Items

Ortofon MC Century
Offer: $9650

VDH DDTII Special Offer: $695

Marantz SR7012 AV Receiver Offer: $500

Ayre Evolution CX-7 CDP
Offer: $1200

VDH The Crimson Offer: $1800

Clearaudio Ovation Offer: $4700


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