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New Arrivals

This year, NESSIE launches 2 new higher models namely, Vinylmaster Advance and Vinylmaster Reference.

The new flagship Vinylmaster Reference spots several advance enhancements. Now you can clean a LP in half the time, easier because it cleans double-sided. LP liquid application and vacuum drying are also done on both sides simultaneously. A new digital display in English/German/Chinese also added to show you clear instructions, # of washes done, when to empty the water tank and so on.

Latest from EMT is a re-make of EMT legendary turntable EMT 928 II.

The EMT 928 II is a massive built precision turntable with an overall weight of 23kg. The chassis is machined from aluminum, resting on four decoupled, spherical feet.
The device features an independent battery power source, so any interference from the power grid is excluded. The built-in charger circuit handles the charging cycles automatically and shows the status with a two-colour LED.
A most modern 20 Watts motor speeds up the 5,5kg platter in a short time and keeps the speed constant within a narrow tolerance-field. Available from October 22.

Phono Stage
EMT newest product is a slim, solidly built, single input all micro tube design called EMT 128. It has 1 RCA input and 1 XLR or RCA output.

This phono stage is fast, refine and very smooth. It has attributes of JPA66 Mk3 and yet more forgiving in nature. Caution: Do not audition this phono stage if you are not ready for it.

Click [here] for details in EMT’s website



Manger Audio P1 (Loudspeakers $10000 – $20000 category)

Awarded to Tiglon BFA-Clamp, BFA-Mat, GMR Racks
Origin Live Silver Mk4 tonearm and Ortofon 2M Black LVB 250 MM cartridge
The Absolute Sound (US) Top 50 Greatest Bargains in High End Audio 2020 listed Rogue Audio RP-5 and RP-7 preamps in the Upper End category
2022 listing includes Bergmann, EMT, Thales, Xquisite, Ortofon, products from Rogue Audio and both Manger‘s floorstander speakers.
Charisma Signature One MC cartridge


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Bergmann Galder/Odin Gold Edition

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