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New Arrivals

Tiglon Awarded
Three very special audiophile products have been awarded by Audio Accessory (Japan) this year. The amazing BFA-Clamp, BFA-Mat and GMR Audio Rack.

Those of you who has yet to experience what the BFA-Clamp and BFA-Mat could do to your beloved turntable, stop reading this and quickly head to us for a convincing demonstration. I am sure you would be asking yourself why nothing tells us earlier.

The all-new GMR audio rack is high-end handsome, easy to setup and highly effective. The audio racks market is highly competitive and to be recognized as a Grand Prix winner takes something special.

Latest from Rogue Audio (USA) –
Stereo ST-100 “Dark” now spots several similar upgrades that have been applied to their flagship Apollo Dark. Still at 100w, this power house punches way above its weight.

Pharaoh II is now a 250w amplifier thanks to the advances made in their DragoN power amplifier. The upgraded phono stage, redesigned headphone section and the more accurate Hypex N-Core modules all push this already top notch integrated amp ever higher.

Ares II tube phono stage now spots a mono switch, with higher resolution and lower noise floor. With three gain levels and a variety of loading options, the Ares II will allow for an almost unlimited selection of cartridge choices.

Phono Stage
EMT newest product is a slim, solidly built, single input all micro tube design called EMT 128. It has 1 RCA input and 1 XLR or RCA output.

This phono stage is fast, refine and very smooth. It has attributes of JPA66 Mk3 and yet more forgiving in nature. Caution: Do not audition this phono stage if you are not ready for it.

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Manger Audio P1 (Loudspeakers $10000 – $20000 category)

Awarded to Tiglon TPL-2000L, TPL-2000X/R, TR-PAD-EX anti-vibration device
Origin Live Silver Mk4 tonearm and Ortofon 2M Black LVB 250 MM cartridge
The Absolute Sound (US) Top 50 Greatest Bargains in High End Audio 2020 listed Rogue Audio RP-5 and RP-7 preamps in the Upper End category
2020 listing includes Bergmann, EMT , Thales, Ortofon, 3 products from Rogue Audio, both of Manger‘s floorstander speakers and PSI AVAA C20 active bass traps.
Charisma Signature One MC cartridge

Pre-owned Items

Lindemann Limetree HEADPHONE amp
Offer: $865
Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II Int. 100w amp
Offer: $2300
Dynamique Caparo II speaker cables
Offer: $1730
Whest Audio REFV Mk4 w/ twin Whest US powercord
Offer: $7690

WhestTWO phono stage
Offer: $590

Pro-ject Signature 10 (Olive) system
Offer: $4900


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