New Tiglon TR-Pad-EX shipment has arrived. Please visit us today for an audition what this little, affordable tweak could do for your precious system. We are very confident that you’ll be amazed with the result.

New Arrivals

Tiglon’s latest tweak TR-Pad-EX is a small, wonderful, handy device to treat vibration. Just place on the support platform (rack) and under your equipment, leaving 1cm gap in between. It’s that simple. Sounds crazy? No, it sounds fantastic!!!

Tiglon TMB-300 award winning sound board is made up of 4 differnt materials – 4mm Russian Birch, 2mm Pure Magnesum, Cheek 13mm and 5.5mm MDF. Achieve ideal vibration control and ”virtual earthing”

Alto-Extremo‘s new Exact 2 footers from Germany. Exact 2 is a step up from Exact 1 in all respects, without neglecting its precise three-dimensionality and differentiated dynamics. Comes with M4 threads, supports up to 40kg per piece.


AUDIO 2020 1st place Ortofon SPU Century

Stereoplay 2020 1st place MM Ortofon Concorde Century
Stereoplay 2020 1st place Ortofon MC Quintet Red
Bergmann Magne turntable is the winner of SUPERIOR award by Fidelity Magazine (Germany) in 2020.
Dynamique Audio Halo 2 and Tempest cables awarded Stereotimes Most Wanted Components of the Decade
Tiglon TPL-2000A won Audio Excellence Award 2020 and prestigious Grand Prix

Pre-owned Items

EAT B-Sharp w/ PLiXiR Elementa DC psu Offer: $1400

Thales TTT-Slim II package. Offer: $8400

AudiophileBASE QuattraBase 3-tier
Offer: $2095

REL T-Zero subwoofer
Offer: $495

Arte TETRA Offer: $400 (per pair)

Pro-ject 2XPerience Classic Offer: $1300


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