Stereotimes 2020 Most Wanted Components
Charisma Audio Musiko Tonearm / Origin Live Discovery 2 MC/MM phono stage / Origin Live Gravity One record weight / Dynamique Audio Tempest cables.

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New Arrivals

Origin Live (UK) Gravity One record weight is a light-weighted one compare to many other designs. This device has a complex system of damping using several different materials to achieve the most effective taming of spurious vibrations of our turntable system. Available now from our showroom.
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MODI is Bergmann Audio (Denmark) new creation in 2020. Many technologies and enhancements from their flagship model, Galder are trickled down. Furthermore, MODI supports up to 2 tonearms whether its 9″, 10″ or 12″ or Bergmann’s very own linear-tracker.

2020 is a tough and strange year for almost everyone. To me there was January and February and then December. This year is both forgettable and unforgettable at the same time. The year of color dot stickers and QR scanning. While we adjust to the latest normal, we could take reprieve from good music…
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Audio Accessory 2021 Grand Prix Tiglon TPL-2000R

Awarded to Tiglon TPL-2000L, TPL-2000X/R, TR-PAD-EX anti-vibration device
Lindemann Musicbook SOURCE and POWER 500
The Absolute Sound (US) Top 50 Greatest Bargains in High End Audio 2020 listed Rogue Audio RP-5 and RP-7 preamps in the Upper End category
2020 listing includes Bergmann, EMT , Thales, Ortofon, 3 products from Rogue Audio, both of Manger‘s floorstander speakers and PSI AVAA C20 active bass traps.
Charisma Signature One MC cartridge

Pre-owned Items

Rogers LS3/5A 70th Anniversary (Mint!)
Offer: $5600
Cayin A-88T Mk2 Tube Int. Amplifier w/ upgrades
Offer: $1700
Moon NEO 310LP phono stage
Offer: $1695
Whest REFV Mk4 phono stage
Offer: $8000

Studio Connections Platinum Jumpers
Offer: $400

Ortofon MC Century
Offer: $8000


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