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Mint Fact & Fancies

Where Is Mint from? Like many hi-fi products, Mint was created by a hobbyist (Yip from HK). He was dissatisfied with the cleaning result using the past/current crop of LP cleaning solutions. You see, Yip is a true classical fan … Continue reading

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whest MC REF V User Review

This is an owner’s review of Whest MC REF V (MC V) Reference phono stage. It has been written over a period of 4 months as I journeyed with the phono as it evolved first with usage, and secondly with … Continue reading

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Studio Connections – Platinum Speaker Cable

Mini Review by Blue_Starfish (14 May 2012) The Studio Connections Platinum cable has a way to increase dynamics and bring a system to live. I now play at much lower volume, and yet still able to hear the dynamics, separation and liveliness … Continue reading

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