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Old Wine In New Bottles – 淡淡幽情

淡淡幽情45轉黑膠 LP 45 RPM LPCD M2 MASTERING Touted by Teresa Teng’s fans as her finest moments, 淡淡幽情 gets the latest treatment from Universal Music (HK) recently. Going by the current market prices of a decent Polydor copy i.e. with the original colour booklet … Continue reading

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Bergmann Magne Tonearm FAQ

Bergmann‘s fame airbearing, linear tracking tonearm, Magne, is now available separately and could be installed onto most high-end turntables. The Magne tonearm was specially designed for customers who would like to own Bergmann’s tonearm without having to buy the accompanying Bergmann airbearing, frictionless … Continue reading

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Sample Users of AER Acoustic Energizer

A sample of the “energized” systems in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. We have installed many AER Acoustic Energizer (AE) and Room Energizer to confidently say this – AE works very effectively in any hi-fi/AV systems, from the most humble to mega bucks ones. There is no one best placement … Continue reading

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Michael Rabin – The Early Years

By Joseph Luk 陆强声 (6 September 2011) Sony Classical MHK 60894 “听 Michael Rabin演奏, 你就会知道神没有忘掉少提琴”。 这是Claudia Cassidy对Michael Rabin的演艺评说。Claudia (1899-1996)是一个知名音乐,舞蹈和戏剧 评论家 。她的判断被视为极具争议。 由此而知,Michael Rabin的琴艺多高吧。  但是,天才多是短命。Michael Rabin早在1972年逝世,享年36。真是英年早逝。非常可惜! 神巳忘掉了Michael Rabin?至少Sony Classical没有忘掉Michael Rabin的琴艺, 在1999年发行了Michael Rabin的一张富纪念性的 CD专辑“Michael Rabin – The Early Years”。 Sony Classical把Michael Rabin在1951-1953年的单声道原录音母带,以SBM … Continue reading

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