The Most Expensive Chinese LP

George Lam (Japan print)

This is a very rare LP of George Lam (EMS 81298) because it is the only Japan LP release from him (not counting the re-issues).

Consisting of his greatest hits from his days with EMI label, this LP was touted to be worth RM4,000 (approx. exchange rate US$0.3) as published by PSV Sound (a Chinese audiophile magazine) in Malaysia.

Modular Audio was very lucky to find this rare gem while sightseeing in Japan. Our only regret is that this rare copy does not come with OBI but like most of our LP, it is as mint as it gets (perhaps no Japanese would quite get Canto-pop?).

Well, that’s not all, to top it all, this copy we have for sale is a white label promo as pictured below

George Lam LP (white promo version)

At this price, we do not expect any quick sale (or ever?) and this could well be a permanent fixture on our LP display wall. But if you are a George Lam die-hard or a rare vinyl collector, you may just want to bookmark this page for future buying reference. Perhaps after your purchase, go secure George Lam’s signature on the LP cover and this will indeed become one of the most expensive Chinese LP in any collection.

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