LP Wall ~ Framing Your LP

LP Wall - framing your LP

This webmaster loves LP cover art. Some years back, I blogged about “CD Killed the LP Cover Art” to voice my displeasure. LP cover has always been part of the music, and some of us even buy an album because of the cool cover art.

There are several commercial products out there selling frames for LP only. What I have here is a easy way to do it and costing a lot less. Short of writing a cookbook, these are few easy steps you can follow:

1) Buy one of these glass mount, removable picture frames with dimensions of at about 18″ x 18″ (hint: Ikea)

2) Buy a black colored cardboard sheet and cut to frame size.

3) Position at the center, a clear plastic outer LP sleeve onto the black cardboard sheet (to ease your next LP cover change) and stick the back of the outer LP sleeve to the black cardboard sheet using double sided tape.

4) Insert just the LP cover into this LP outer sleeve and secure the glass top to the picture frame.

5) Hang it proudly – Enjoy!

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