LP-ing Etiquette

Dos and Don’ts: Everyday guide to enjoying hi-fidelity audio’s best medium

Don’t… under estimate the amount of LP storage space you need. It can consume your newly bought IKEA LP rack in no time.

Do… your LP selection and sequence them before you start spinning. Doing so sets the right mood for the whole listening session.

LP like air, occupy space

Don’t… buy anymore Greatest Hits after you’ve crossed 50 LPs.

Do… play your favourite or best sounding LP last. It makes you feel it’s all worthwhile.

Test Pressing

Don’t… bother about run-in of a new cartridge. Listen with your heart not your mind and your cartridge will run-in naturally.

Do…finish the whole track before you lift your tonearm for the next. This is respecting the song and artist.

LP prices better performing than your stocks
be consumed by hot stamper or latest greatest vinyl technology from any SPACE program. Standard issue can sound amazing too. Explore music beyond your heavily rotated Top 50. You could find gems you didn’t know you owned.

Do…buy more good LP. LP has proven to outlive, outplay and outlast any silver discs. It even outperforms any Wall Street’s return on investment.

Logo Survivor

Don’t… multi-task when you’re near your LP system. Some mistakes can be costly and irreversible – imagine hurting the elusive Elvis 24k (DCC) or breaking the Goldfinger!

Do… keep your playing environment conducive to playing LP. Clean your stylus – your turntable – your LP. Scratchy and crappy LP is bad advertisement. Wear your badge proud – spread the word.

LP badge wear it proud

Don’t… think there’s a wrong time to start listening or try out your first analog system. Just remember the first 20 minutes of play not be taken critically.

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