Audiophile DNA Sequencing

1. You are male and wonder why there are so few female who shares your love

2. You lament not having enough time with your system while your other half thinks you are having too much

3. You never discuss price in the presence of your spouse

4. You know cable isn’t cable when they come supplied with your equipment

5. You are blind to the untidiness of your Hi-Fi surroundings

6. You can talk features and sonic signatures of every good brand

7. You suffer withdrawal syndrome when your monthly dosage of Stereophile is late

8. You sly chuckle when a newbie asks for recommendation for an all-rounder Hi-Fi system matching his budget

9. You understand warm and bright has nothing to do with the sun

10. You enjoy doing A/B testing,  especially to poison fellow audiophiles

So, is it you?

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