AER Acoustic EQ – Active Sound Treatment

AER Acoustiz EQAER’s Acoustic EQ is a sound treatment device like no other. Placing one or more units strategically, it effectively reduces energy loss during  the sound  transmission process. The result is a more vivid and lushier sound. The built-in, damping control allows you to fine-tune the sound-absorbing level, allowing user to tailor to his/her own listening environment and preference.

By implementating IPC’s proprietary Euphoria TechnologyTM, (AER’s parent company), the Acoustic EQ is designed and manufactured to meet the highest audio industry’s standard.

AER Acoustiz EQEach Acoustic EQ sound treatment panel has an effectve radius of 8m, it has the ability to enrich the acoustic performance instantly to a quality that has never been reached before. They are applicable to concert venues, recording studios, Hi-Fi listening rooms and home-theaters without modifying the existing sound system.

When turned on, a PVA field (Proton Vibration Alignment) is generated to  improve the sound transmission in the air. The difference it makes to the performance encompasses all musical ranges – improvement in bass, mid and high.

AER Acoustiz EQ
Operates without any external power supply, the Acoustic EQ stands at 1.4m with its own stand or at 1.3m without stand. When supported by its own floor-stand, it is handy, portable and easy to fit into any listening environment.Move it around, test, experiment for the best placement.  Hanging brackets are also fitted for wall mounting if this is the best configuration for you.
AER Acoustiz EQAt the back panel, bottom section of the panel, there are 2 black knobs (left picture) allowing you to adjust the amount of acoustic Damping and Room Coupling.This is a great feature to customise the amount of acoustic reflection/damping to suit each listening environment.The on/off switch is situated just besides the 2 black knobs.
Placement – More than 1 pair of Acoustic EQ could be deployed in any given listening environment. The panels can be placed at the corners of the listening area (right behind the speakers), at the first reflection point or even place 1 unit right behind the listening sweet spot.
A pair of Acoustic EQ behind the speakersAER Acouztic EQ hi-fi positioning A pair at each corner for HTAER Acouztic EQ for AV placement
AER Acoustiz EQ placementThe Acoustic EQ is seen here placed at the corners of the listening room. Soundstage from left to right expands, providing an added sense of space and ambient. The music also become lushier.  Placing the panels at the first reflection point engergized the music and would provide you improve detail and nuances. The choice is yours! 


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