Earl Klugh – Late Night Guitar

Contributed by: Joseph Luk (陸强聲)

Whenever talks about Fusion Jazz guitar music always bring Earl Klugh first into my mind, Earl plays very distinctive style of Jazz guitar music. My first encounter with Earl Klugh’s music can be traced back to almost 35 years ago the time I was still living in Hong Kong, in the good old days of radio music, Earl’s beautiful acoustic guitar music piece “Living Inside Your Love” was often  played on radio.

Earl Klugh Living Inside Your Love

“Living inside Your Love” is the second studio album by Earl Klugh released in 1976, and of course only available in cassette tapes and vinyl records.




Earl Klugh Late Night Guitar LPMy collection of Earl Klugh’s music began with his “Late Night Guitar” album in cassette tape. This album was first launched in 1980 under the label of Liberty Records, it went on successfully and won its popularity over radio, received a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Instrumental Performance at the 24th Grammy Awards in 1982.

Till 1993, CEMA (Capitol) Records made this excellent album available on CD format. I got one copy and found its recording was so unexpectedly good when compared with other CD recordings of the time.

In 2000 Blue Notes Records launched an audiophile version on SBM Super Bit Mapping 20 bit, the state-of-art technologies at the time. No hesitations at all, I bought a copy.

“Late Night Guitar” contains 13 romantic hits of the old time at late 70’ and early 80’s

  • Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
  • Nice To Be Around
  • Like A LoverEarl Klugh
  • Laura
  • Jamaica Farewell
  • Tenderly
  • Mona Lisa
  • Triste
  • Two For The Road
  • Mirabella
  • Lisbon Antiqua
  • A Time For Love
  • I’ll Never Say Goodbye (The Promise)

These 13 instrumental music tracks are perfect for late night’s listening, kind of relaxation and enjoyment at home after stressful office works, whether you’re guitar music fans or not. Though the original recording was done in 1980, it was so excellent that you would never feel any disappointments with the sound quality especially from this Blue Notes’ audiophile version on SBM Super Bit Mapping 20 bit.

This had been one of my most favourite CD albums for listening at night, for many years, until 10 years ago I switched to vinyl records, I so luckily found and bought in this album in vinyl record, from Japanese pressing. What to say?  It is the most superior and the best among all version copies in my collection.

One ever asked me how much I know and crazy for about Earl Klugh’s music? Well, this can tell easily from my collection of his CD albums.

Earl Klugh batch 1
Earl Klugh batch 2
Earl Klugh batch 3
Earl Klugh batch 4
Earl Klugh batch 5
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