AER Acoustic Energizer

AER Acoustic Energizer

AER’s Acoustic Energizer (AE for short), is designed and developed using the same Euphoria Technlogy based on the principal of Proton Vibration Alignment (PVA) field to reduce energy loss during  transmission.

Using one or more AE in an acoustic environment e.g. whether in a private hi-fi environment, concert hall, recording studio etc, the sonics within the effective radius of 5m, would be enhanced, enriched because energy loss is reduced during  the transmission process, enabling more original sound transmission is received by our ears, allowing us to attain higher fidelity over distance.

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The AE is small, about the size, height of a regular water bottle; portable (just 2.5kg) and comes with its own replaceable battery (minimum 3 years of operation).

 AER Acoustic Energizer The bottom of AE showing the On/Off switch and also the compartment where the consumable battery is housed.
 AER Acoustic Energizer BatteryThe power module is not just any normal battery. It contains a very high capacity power source and consumable PVA materials. When the power pack becomes flat, the green led light at the top of AE would stop blinking. This means the PVA has been fully consumed and time for it to be replaced.
Examples of Acoustic Energizer Placements
AER typical listening roomThe AE works best in an open environment. Each AE has a span of 5m radius.When more than 1 AE is used in the same space, its effectiveness is multiplied i.e.
1 + 1 > 2 When a triangle of AE is formed i.e. 3 pieces of AE is deployed in the same environment, the effectiveness is further enhanced (synergy).
One piece of AE Using 1 piece of AE, you may place it it at the centre – on the equipment rack if it is placed in the middle; on the floor, centre of the soundstage. You would attain very good center image and focus of the music. This is best demonstrated with vocal music.
2 pcs of Acoustic Energizer With 2 pieces of AE, there are 2 suggested placements and of course, you may experiment with many others as each listening environment is unique. The first suggested way is illustrated here. Place one AE aligning the far edge of the speakers. The immediate result is widening of your soundstage. You would observe no thinning of the soundstage but instead – a lushier, wider and more sound.
2 pieces of AE placed behind the speakersThe second suggested way is to place each AE at the back of your speakers. If possible, lift the speaker cables and have them supported by the respective standing AE. The improvement in the solidity of the image would be evident, with more gain, better depth in the soundstage.
Note: When speaker cables are resting on AE, the audio signals of the cables would also benefit.
3 pieces of Acoustic Energizer placementUsing 3 pieces of AE, you may place the 3rd piece at the center or back of of your soundstage (your preference). A triangle is now “formed” meaning the AE is performing at a synergistic level.The result is the combined benefits of the above scenario where 1 AE and 2 AE are used.
3 pieces of Acoustic Energizer placementHaving the 3rd AE placed behind the listening area (if space permits), the sound fields are opened wide, a relax and 3-D effect is achieved. You would also feel a calming sense not previously attained.
AER Acoustic Energizer 4 pieces suggested placementUsing 4 pieces, they could be placed at the corners of your listening environment. With this additional AE, the PVA effect is further enhanced (multiplier-effect) and up to 4 triangles are now “formed”.  A cinematic experience to your hi-fi could be achieved, sound images become even more 3-D and palatable. This configuration is also well recommended for users with a home theatre system.
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