IPC Factory Tour

We visited IPC Centre’s HQ (parent company of AER) in New Territory, Hong Kong early this month for business discussion and product training. We brought back some interesting insights and interesting pictures to share with you.

IPC building and CEO Vian LiThe near to completion, seven stories, IPC Centre(HQ) at Fanling, New Territory, Hong Kong.

Although the exterior is almost finish, new creations and inventions within IPC never ceases.CEO, founder, Vian Li led our tour and has much to tell us and smile about.

IPC Centre entranceThe entrance to IPC Centre.Food Lab? What is that?
IPC CafeFood Lab is non other than IPC’s cafe which serves organic food of its own creation. IPC is a very forward looking, design and innovation company. Besides serving the audiophile community through AER, IPC is huge in energy saving products (domestic and commercial use); health-care and much more.
IPC CafeInside the soon to be commissioned IPC Cafe. One could easily feel the high energy, positive vibe of the company  through the many youngsters working there.
 Inside the workshopNext, we visited the IPC workshop, where all the “heavy lifting” and prototypes come from. On the left is the costly CNC machine.
 IPC workshopMore power tools and machining equipment
 IPC WorkshopAnother section of the workshop
 IPC showroomThe work in progress, Hi-Fi and AV showroom where all the AER products would be housed and demonstrated.

The best Hi-Fi seat in the house? Sorry, no Smile. Applying the same Euphoria Technology ™, Proton Vibration Alignment (PVA) field is emitted to key acupuncture points of our body to improve microcirculation and illness prevention. This ‘chamber’ is the more intense version and a “lite” version is found below.

IPC PVA chairThis “lite” version is more room friendly but serves a similar purpose to the heavy weight, more intensive chamber version (above). Per Vian, the different coloured lights are actually unique PVA field meant for the different acupuncture points of our body.

Eat your heart out OSIM 🙂

Mushroom Now back to food.

As mentioned above, IPC is also into health food and food research. Given his medicine background, Vian is especially interested in cancer research. Picture here, he is holding the seeds of some special Japanese mushroom that is being cultivated in the lab.

The mushrooms are grown under different lighting conditions in one of the many dedicated labs.

iSole latest productThis is a newly launched product for your feet. We were told it is very well received in the USA which incidentally, is IPC’s biggest market.

[Click me] for more information of this new product.

iSole back coverThe flip side of the iSole product.With this, we concluded our tour. This has been the most eye-opening factory tour we’ve been to.

Vian is keenly aware of Modular Audio’s analogue strength and focus, so in the near future, he would be putting his creative mind to apply PVA into our beloved turntable systems. So watch this space.

Should you be interested in any of IPC products, feel free to enquire through us. Modular Audio is the authorised agent for IPC, AER products in SEA.

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