Oyster’s 2012 New LPs

The year 2012 is coming to an end. Before the Mayan calendar runs out, I would like to document some of these new LPs (new old music LPs?) that I’ve purchased this year. This is not a review but just keeping a little record with some cheeky scoring Tongue Out

Foo Fighters - Wasting LightFoo Fighters – Wasting Light
I gave this “new band” a try after one of my customers’ strong recommendation. Although I’m still very much an old, classic rocker, I can’t keep re-buying old stuff. I do support new music, especially those that are done honestly. This one was documented to be recorded in old- school analogue fashion (reel tape). But the 45rpm, 2 discs actually woke this audiophile up. This title is not as heavily rotated in my list as I would have expected but nevertheless it is a nice effort. 3 out of 5.
Rush Clockwork AnglesRush – Clockwork Angels
This is the most anticipated LP in my 2012 collection. The good is not very good as I found myself still hung-up in Rush’s Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures period. The bad is quite bad, especially sonically. The band appeared to be recorded behind a thick curtain. Blame it on digital or the lost art of fine studio recording. Pull out any old Rush records to compare and you know what I mean. Just pass – 2.5 out of 5.
Morphine Cure for PainMorphine – Cure for Pain
This one was highly recommended by a musician to me and a good one it was. A quick check on the Internet tells me this band is sadly, no longer with us and some of their works have been released on vinyl for the first time. This alternative rock is fresh (1993) –  baritone saxophone in place of lead guitar; swingingly interesting and soncially pleasing. A solid 4 out of 5.
Graveyard - Hisingen BluesGraveyard – Hisingen Blues
This record was released in 2011 but I only managed to get it this year. There is nothing really new in Graveyard’s sound – Black Sabbath meets Grand Funk meets David Coverdale (?) but what intrigued me to continue to support this band (after their debut LP) is their belief in vinyl. If you like a dose of new old rock done by young dudes, you should give this a listen. I couldn’t find any recording credits of this LP but sound wise, like their debut, I’m happy enough and can’t ask for more. Overall, 3 out of 5.
Black Country Communion 2Black Country Communion – 2
I grew up with Deep Purple’s music  and I wouldn’t miss most things by the Voice of Rock, Glenn Hughes. This second outing by BCC, in my humble opinion is better than their first. There is more urgency and tightness that I like. Recording wise, I’m somewhat disappointed as I would think Jason Bonham’s drum could sound cleaner, clearer and more distinct. Nonetheless, it’s better than Rush’s Clockwork Angles. I’ve caught Joe Bonamassa live twice this year and I would hope to see BCC before time runs out. 4 out of 5.
Astra - The WeirdingAstra – The Weirdings
This is another new old (psychedelic, prog) rock that would make you re-check the LP published date. No misprint here, this is not 1973 but 2009. I bought a spare copy and is proof enough that this title ranks high among my 2012 buys.
4 out of 5 (extra marks given to the psychedelic colour vinyl)
Muddy Waters/Rolling StonesMuddy Waters / The Rolling Stones -Checkerboard Lounge Live 1981
This treat of LP, CD and DVD all-in-one combo may just be the ticket to win back customers to buy new music in physical form (instead of downloading or copying). Stereophile’s high rating influenced me and I’ve returned the favour by passing the bug here should Chicago blues music be your cup of tea. This recording is very live, has a good ‘feel’ to it although the music at times is rather repetitive. It’s best consumed with a few cans of cold beer in hand. Another 4 out of 5.
Re-interpretingv2 Kit Chan – Re-interpreting Kit Chan
This rocker turned sentimental and showed my support to our local artiste. In my younger days, I had bought music from The Western Union Band, Matthew and the Mandarins and Tony & Terry. Hey, I even dig Paul Cheong and DJ Dave.I like this LP (minus the awfully done 浪子心聲), I enjoyed the production, the excellent recording – almost reference material. This would have been 5 out of 5. Now, may I hope that all new, future LP releases get such treatment if we all lived beyond the Mayan calendar?


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