Sample Users of AER Acoustic Energizer

A sample of the “energized” systems in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. We have installed many AER Acoustic Energizer (AE) and Room Energizer to confidently say this – AE works very effectively in any hi-fi/AV systems, from the most humble to mega bucks ones. There is no one best placement as these pictures would tell you as it all depends on your personal listening preference and your acoustic environment. We will of course guide you in this process.

AER system in Indonesia
An energized system (3 AE at the front) in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Acoustic Energizer in a mega systemAcoustic Energizers in a mega buck system
3 AE are installed in this ultra high end system. Two AE flank the width of the system and one is placed at the back of the room, on top of the LP rack. This is a HUGE dedicated AV entertainment room.

Single AE in dedicated music room
A single Room Energizer (Creamy white) is hanged on the bay window using an ingenious method (via laundry net). With and without this tweak, the difference in centre image focus and image solidity is very evident.

AER Acoustic Energizer systems
3 AE are placed in the soundstage front. Another AE is placed behind the listening seat. The Disc Energizer (DE) placed on the coffee table actually does emit PVA even without activation. It improves image focus (a bonus).

AER Acoustic Energizer in triangular formation
2 AE are placed at ear-level at the wings and 1 AE on top of the rack.

AER AE System AER AE System
1 AE is placed behind each Wilson Audio Sophia. The 3rd piece is preferred (by owner) to sit right in front of the sweet spot. 

AER AE installed - 3 pieces
Golden triangle of AE, 1 at each corner, 1 in the middle. The middle piece may be positioned in front or behind the rack to cater to individual taste.

3 pieces of AE placed behind the system

3 pieces of AE placed behind the system benefitting the sound stage with increased sense of space, calm, image solidity and dynamicsSingapore

2 pieces of AE are deployed just slightly behind the speakersMalaysia
2 pieces are used behind the speakers, 1 in front of the sweet spot


2 pieces along the speaker wires path, 1 piece at the center and 2 pieces on the side walls (see next picture)


Excellent soundstage width is achieved without thinning or altering the tonality of the music reproduction

Acoustic Energizer system

Improvement in centre focus

AER Acoustic Energizer system

Placing the speaker cables on top of AE is another recommended way of placement. You kill two birds with one stone. The effect of AE would also influence the signals of the speaker cables positively besides improving the bass when AE is placed behind the speakers.


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