Bergmann Magne Tonearm FAQ

Bergmann‘s fame airbearing, linear tracking tonearm, Magne, is now available separately and could be installed onto most high-end turntables. The Magne tonearm was specially designed for customers who would like to own Bergmann’s tonearm without having to buy the accompanying Bergmann airbearing, frictionless turntable.

Having successfully installed this new tonearm onto a traditional designed turntable (Amazon 1 and VPI TNT), we have compiled some FAQ to help you clear your doubts and consider this very attractive and viable option as a second tonearm or upgrading from your current.

Very beautifully crafted, hand-built tonearm

Is there any differences between the Bergmann Magne that comes together with Magne turntable and this tonearm which is available separately?
Performance wise, there is no difference. There are only implementation differences e.g. the air tube is attached to the arm stand and the air flow adjustment is found in the air pump.  In the Magne turntable implementation, these 2 devices are found in the turntable.

How do I know if Bergmann Magne tonearm would fit into my existing turntable?
There should be a 4.5 cm minimum height, measuring from the plinth to the top of your platter.  Whether a separate tonearm board needs to be cut or customised to install on your choice turntable is on a case by case basis. We should be able to assess and advise you when your turntable brand/model is made known to us.
Platter height clearance

I am interested but would not have time or know-how to install it. What do I do?
We highly recommend you to leave the technical bits to us (we are analog specialist, remember?). Our price would include delivery, installation, along with aligning/setup of your choice cartridge. All you do is, sit back and play your LP.
Installation of Bergmann Magne tonearm

What does the packing list contain?
Magne tonearm, air-pump, air tube, tools and user manual. The DIN phono cable is not included. If setting up this tonearm requires you to cut/customise a separate tonearm base, this can be done separately by us. The estimated cost to fabricate a suitable tonearm base is about S$200.
Lower view of Bergmann Magne tonearm  

What turntables have you tried it on?
So far, Amazon Audio, VPI TNT and Michell Engineering turntable. Only VPI requires us to do a separate tonearm base. We foresee this list to grow quickly as dealers around the world get their hands onto one. So watch this space!
Bergmann Magne on Amazon 1 turntable

I am already using a branded, high-end tonearm. Tell me what’s so different and special about this tonearm?
The 3D spaciousness, layering between instruments and zero tracking error  is something traditional tonearm finds hard to achieve. You absolutely has to experience it, by doing an A/B comparison or go visit a friend who is lucky enough to own one, to know what this is all about.

How quiet and maintenable is the Bergmann Magne air-pump?
The Magne air pump is about 1/3 smaller than the one that comes with Bergmann Magne turntable but it runs just as quiet. There is a small, inexpensive air filter, found within the unit, that can be replaced easily once every two years. 

Bergmann Magne air pump

Back view of the Magne air pump



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