Old Wine In New Bottles – 淡淡幽情

Teresa Teng latest 45rpm

Touted by Teresa Teng’s fans as her finest moments, 淡淡幽情 gets the latest treatment from Universal Music (HK) recently. Going by the current market prices of a decent Polydor copy i.e. with the original colour booklet intact, this is certainly a welcome move much like our government’s announcements of new flats to combat the sky high prices of used ones.

So is this new flat worth buying?

Cutting the chase, or queue, in a word – Yes.  For just fun sake, we did a fair comparison with a HK original to confirm that. We picked the first track of Side 1, rotating play between this reissue and the HK original several times.  After listening, we have good things to say about this reissue and would buy it if we do not already own a HK original.

Teresa Teng 180g LPIf my audio memory serves me right, this reissue sounded better than the last reissue, pressed in Japan, released not too long ago (2427 377A).
To me, the  last one  wasn’t analog enough and has  a signature dryness that makes one retreat from reissues. On the other hand, this 45rpm 2 LP set has the fullness and details of the original yet never sounding clinical. If I would find something to quibble, the original version has a tad more air around Teresa’s voice, highlighting her deft touch that is so captivating and alluring. Then again, this subtle difference isn’t quite noticeable unless you do the kind of A/B that we did and/or you are familiar with the original record.

At the price of probably a quarter or less of an original, this new reissue (pressed in Germany) is nevertheless worthy wine regardless of the bottle, although I am not impressed with the bottle (box set  packaging). The box set cover and colour booklet looked like a photocopy in need of new ink cartridges.

Avid fans of this LP may like to check out this website which the HK author did a shootout of 5 original versions of 淡淡幽情, including the Christie’s Auction-able white promo label.


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