Art or Copy?

The face of music is represented by its accompanying cover art, whether LP or CD. The identity of these cover art sometimes can be as strong and iconic as the music itself, think Pink Floyd’s DSOTM or Andy Warhol’s yellow banana in Velvet Underground’s debut.

Part of my joy in selling and discoverying new and old music is taking a moment to admire (or critique) the art work that goes with it. This is especially true when the memory card game (Concentration) is called upon to match an LP cover with something similar that I’ve seen before.

Here is a handful of paired cover art in my recent memory that’s worth taking a closer look – from accidential to coincidental to intentional.

 Allman Brothers Band
The Allman Brothers Band – Enlightened Rogues
Year of Release: 1979
 Thomas Dolby
Thomas Dolby – A Map of the Floating City
Year of Release: 2011
 King Crimson
King Crimson – Red
Year of Release: 1974
The Boys Band
The Boys Band – self titled (debut)
Year of Release: 1982
 T Rex
T-Rex – Flyback
Year of Release: 1971
 Queen Back Chat
Queen – Back Chat (single)
Year of Release: 1982
 Black Sabbath Vol 4
Black Sabbath – Vol 4
Year of Release: 1972
 Church of Misery
Church of Misery – Vol 1
Year of Release: 2002
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