VPI TNT Turntable w/ Bergmann Magne Tonearm

To mount the Bergmann Magne on the VPI TNT turntable, we specially cut a fitting arm board for it using the same measurement of the stock armboard but at a reduced height.

Bergmann Magne tonearm mounted on VPI TNT

The Bergmann Magne tonearm is mounted at an angle instead of the regular (back, right-angle) position. This is to allow sufficient clearance for the trailing tonearm cable (Ocellia Silver shown here).

VPI TNT with Bergmann Magne tonearm

Stunning beauty and a match made in heaven Laughing

VPI TNT with Bergmann Magne tonearm

The sound of Bergmann Magne on the VPI TNT is exceptionally good. The spaciousness, layering between instruments, 3D is nothing short of reference grade. Even bass texture and definition is varsely superior over the current tonearm.

Bergmann tonearm mounted on VPI TNT

Zero-tracking error, linear-tracking goodness is just a call away!






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