How Many Wish You Were Here?

How many different pressings of your favourite LP do you need?

Maybe 3, max 4?

This is probably THE LP that I’ve listened to the most in my entire LP collection and very likely in my life. Which makes a good excuse why I’ve kept more than 3 different pressings of the same. You see, I usually don’t have this habit of keeping more than 2 copies. As a careful owner, my spare copies are rarely called into action. But keeping different pressings is a whole different game to keeping duplicates. Here, the quest may not have an ending, it could get ridiculously expensive or silly, or both.

Pink Floyd WYWH lp (front)
Pink Floyd WYWH front

In above picture, starting from the left corner and in clockwise direction – Japan Master Sound pressing; US Columbia Master Sound; UK mid 80s re-issue; Israel CBS early pressing and in the middle, a UK reissue in the early 90s.

Pink Floyd WYWH (back cover)
Pink Floyd WYWH back

Now I’m not recommending which WYWH is the best or the version to buy. I reckon I haven’t listened to enough versions to write about it. Just check out and you’ll find the list of versions just go on and on. I realise the longer I’m into this hobby, the more Hi-Fi systems I’ve experienced, the more I understand that – we, audiophiles are all different. We have individual preferences, different listening environment and playback system. The LP source, after all is just one single factor in the whole equation. Having said that, it is much easier to get a consensus singling out the lousy ones or pressings to avoid.

If I’ve have to make a recommendation, to me, the version that sounds analogue to you, the one that plays with good overall tonal balance, is a good enough version to own. In my encounter, most original WYWH versions sounded good (it’s hard to screw up a 5-star recording) and they are not monopolised by only from the UK or printed only in 1975. Lately, I’ve heard an early 90s reissue that’s very decent too although I can’t say the same for the recent 180g deluxe reissue.

Wish You Were Here original 1st releaseMy first WYWH lp looked like this one (purchased backed in 1978). But on the lower section of the pink OBI, I recall my copy had the 4 faces of Pink Floyd members printed. Perhaps that was the Singapore version. How I wish, how I wish this lp is still here…

CBS long box Gold version CD

The Long box CBS Mastersound WYWH (Gold CD) must be quite a collectible now. I remember owning it (year 2000?) and giving it away when I switched to vinyl. In my mind, it is one of the best sounding CD in my then, 300+ CD collection.

Looking forward, I think I’ve enough of WYWH. But I’m still dead curious to hear from anyone who owns or to listen in my hi-fi someday, the touted mother of all WYWH, the UK Nimbus Supercut version.

Nimbus version

The Be All And End All version?

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