Memorable 2013 Audiophile Monologue

Causal Conversations

Oyster: Hey, I saw a picture of your nice system. Wow, you’ve 4 turntables!?

Customer: Who says only 4 turntables? I have 7. Another 3 on the next floor, it was not photographed.

Oyster: … (looking stupid)

But This Ain’t No Great Barrier Reef

An Australian tourist after browsing our record collection:

“Mate, you have the Best Job in the World”

Point of Know Return

A young man in his 20s, looking at one of our spinning turntables asks:

“How do you skip track, uncle?”

Frequent Irritating Questions

“Do you record to tape?”

“Do you have Mary Black’s No Frontiers original pressing?”

Welcome To Hotel California

A regular, afraid of further high-end audio poisoning:

“I can’t stay here any longer”


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