Diggin’ Singapore (The Record Shops)

First the disclaimer – we (Modular Audio) do not quite qualify to be part of this digging. First of all, we are not a record shop; we do not stock boxes of them; we do not have the rarest of pressings and digging without getting your hands dirty pretty much disqualifies us. Tongue Out

But in the spirit of Record Store Day and being part of this larger vinyl community of tiny Singapore, I thought of copying the good experience I have had while hunting vinyl in Sydney late last year. The sales staff of Red Eye Records gave me a vinyl tourist map of Sydney when I asked for some vinyl directions. What a nice idea.

So compiled here is a list of record/audio shops selling new, used vinyl (some with CD/vintage gears/accessories too) in Singapore. I could have done a Sydney Diggin’ lookalike but I would leave that to an actual record shop to take this lead. What we have here is a list of shops with  a fixed, operating address i.e. a physical shop. I thought this would make more sense to vinyl tourists and as such, mobile/Internet sellers are excluded. Bear in mind this is just a static list, may not be 100% complete but the information is good dated this day.

In no particular order other than the 1st one:

 Record Store Day 2014  
Modular Audio
We appear first because this is our website J Since we are a hi-fi shop which happens to sell LPs, all our limited stock –  jazz, rock, pop, metal, Chinese, Japanese etc are handpicked from our overseas buying trip. Over 90% are pre-owned and mostly in near-mint, plug and play condition. From time to time, you’ll get to see some surprises posted on our showroom’s LP wall. 
City Hall
New Disc Village
New English and Chinese audiophile titles mainly. Latest offerings are updated on their website. City Hall
Roxy Disc House
One of the oldest music sellers in Singapore. Focuses on new English/Chinese and audiophile titles. Assorted used records included for your digging pleasure.    City Hall
Memory Lane All mixed, mostly English only titles. Nice price and surprise awaits you if you are prepared to dig. City Hall
Vinylucky Music & Audio
English only titles – rock/pop/jazz/collectibles brought to you by a seasoned vinylphile. Do bring lots of money.  City Hall
Simply Music Mostly used Chinese (collectibles too) and English pop/rock/jazz LPs City Hall
Roxy Records & Trading
Hands down, the longest living record shop in Singapore – some 50 years! Stock mostly new titles of all genre and boxes of consigned assorted used records. City Hall
For The Record
Probably the most experienced, used vinyl seller out there. The owner is a walking vinyl dictionary. Prepare to get your hands dirty J  City Hall
Hear Record
One of the several new, exciting additions to the local vinyl scene. Plenty of new and used English rock/metal/alternative/  pop/indie etc Bugis
Straits Record https://www.facebook.com/pages/Straits-Records/76244066246 Situated in one of the most hip and colourful places right now, this touristy friendly stop should be easy to find. Mix of CD/LP/books etc and even live music on event days Bugis
Vinylicious Records
Another dedicated LP shop that created quite a buzz with plenty of new, used and some collectible English titles City Hall
House of Turntables https://www.facebook.com/pages/House-of-Turntables/116157705131806 New and pre-owned pop/rock Dhoby Ghaut
High End Research Well established hi-fi store which has been steadfast in vinyl playback since the early days. Stocks only new, latest English/Chinese audiophile titles Outram Park
Retrophonic Record
Another exciting store with plenty of vibe – stocks new and used English/Chinese titles China-town
QQ Music Store
Specialises in used Chinese vinyl mostly (rare ones too). Part-timer who only operates on weekends. None
Red Point Record Warehouse
Probably the largest in Singapore in terms of floor space.  Its location may not be the most tourist friendly but some 10,000 pieces await you featuring mostly mainstream used Pop/rock/Chinese/Malay/Oldies. Flashback guaranteed.  None

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