Oyster’s 2014 New LPs

This time, I blew my budgeted number of new LPs purchase for 1 year.  In this trade, we are often accused or blamed for ‘poisoning’ customers. But do you know that it works both ways too? As dealers, we are also constantly exposed to your temptation and instigation. Some of the titles below certainly came from your undue influence 🙂

Oyster's 2014 New LPI settled for this 2 in 1 reissue knowing that I probably wouldn’t find an original copy at the price I am willing to part. A very fitting holiday season music. Very decent sound too.
Oyster's 2014 New LP BuyThe Beatles is still making good money from the fans and likely to do so in years to come.I bought this in anticipation for the mono box set and possibly seen less of my turntable now. A fans-only record.
LOyster's 2014 New LP Buysike Searching for Sugarman, I got this after watching the feature film rockumentary Big star: Nothing Can Hurt Me.A sadly overlooked band, sadder story, lousy debut album cover, not a very appropriate record title (#1 Record) but certainly very good music. Highly recommended although my reissue copy is a tad warped.
Oyster's 2014 New LP BuysThe only “new” music in my entire year’s purchase. I watched this movie twice and enjoyed the soundtrack just as much.Highlights include the cute, remix version of Space Oddity and Escape (The Pina Colada Song). Gosh, still the old hits championed.
Oyster's 2014 New LP BuysUltra heavy, gloomy music that I bought for sentimental reasons.To me, Ronnie James Dio is the greatest metal vocalists of all time.
Oyster's 2014 New LP BuysI bought this 180g reissue knowing the original issue would sound better but harder to come by. Chance came and an original surfaced just weeks after (luck?) and the heavier vinyl was soon relegated to B-division.
Oyster's 2014 New LP BuysThis 2nd LP outing culls tracks from her past CD hits and presented here as a greatest hits package. Sonic wise, the digital signatures is rather obvious but nonetheless, still a decent addition to the market. My pick for her 3rd LP release if I were her business manager – how about “想像空间 Live”?
Oyster's 2014 New LP BuysProbably the only hi-fi disc I have bought in the last 7 years. I got this during the Munich Show (price not any cheaper). Looking back, I must have fallen prey to another Bob Dylan cover and wanting to find out how Chris Thompson’s voice (Manfred Mann Earth Band) has aged.
lp Beatles mono box setThe mother of all box-set and the probably the most anticipated and most important re-issues in 2014. I do not have to add a single line to the already overflowing excellent reviews you can find online. What I want to say is such a serious re-issue production deserves all your support. It is as rare as a total solar eclipse.
lp REM Unplugged 2001I am a sucker for the MTV Unplugged series LP. This single disc release of their respective decade apart unplugged concerts is hence a no-brainer for me. Sonically, this Rhino reissue isn’t an Eric Clapton Unplugged but good enough for me.
lp LeslieCheungLeslie Cheung is an A-list darling of HK canto-pop era singers. The current high commercial value of anything from him probably prompted all the recent LP reissues let alone this title, easily regarded as one of his best. Judging from the sound, this pricey 1st time in LP format likely came from a digital source.


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