Studio Connections – Platinum Speaker Cable

Mini Review by Blue_Starfish (14 May 2012)

Studio Connections Platinum speaker cable

Studio Connections Platinum speaker cable

The Studio Connections Platinum cable has a way to increase dynamics and bring a system to live. I now play at much lower volume, and yet still able to hear the dynamics, separation and liveliness of the music. The soundstage has widened and focus improved to the extent that on well recorded music, I get a 3D soundstage, extending beyond the speaker  boundary.  Bass definition is superb, allowing clean bass to come through even at the low volume I now play at. Highs are transaparent,  but is relentless in revealing shortcoming in upstream equipment.

Studio Connections Platinum speaker cable

Platinum speaker on Cremona M and ARC Ref power amp

This low volume dynamics is good news for me and even bettter for my  immediate neighbours.  With this cable, I can listen to LP at volumes below 80dB, and still able to connect with music. In the past, I had to push to beyond 90dB to get same musical connection. Especially on rock where I tended to push the volume louder and louder. The urge to push is  no longer present, because I don’t have to any more.  This cable will bring a laid back system to life without having to  invest in equipment change.

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