High End 2015 Munich

Munich 2015 prelude 4
This show is well publicised as one could find advertising billboards and posters of this annual event in strategic places

Munich 2015 prelude 3
As close to live music as possible is what we audiophiles strive to achieve

Munich 2015 prelude 2
Munich – a city so rich in history and the arts

Munich 2015 prelude 1This in season strawberries are so fresh that I could almost taste the soil where they just came from. 1.50 EUR for this basket. Absolutely yummy.

Munich 2015 pic1
Alto-Extremo’s Volker Behrens making me look so small

Munich 2015 pic4
 Nessie Vinylmaster lp cleaner’s convincing live demonstration. The LP is deliberately dirtied and then cleaned as you watch the live broadcast on the large Apple screen showing all the microscopic details. A-B testing couldn’t be any simplerMunich 2015 pic147″ and 10″ (optional) cleaning kit are now available. Application of lp solution however would be manual
Munich 2015 pic12
Manger P1 passive loudspeaker. The plaque on the floor (right) is from HiFi Review (HK) for – 2014 Products of The Year Award

Munich 2015 pic7
Getting perfect alignment with the new Thales Easy tonearm (linear-tracker) is as easy as A-B-C

Munich 2015 pic8
Thales TTT-Slim making its debut at the show. Thales shows that you don’t need to overbuild and over engineer to achieve a well designed, excellent sounding high-end turntable

 Munich 2015 pic6Simple (on the outside), beautiful and user-friendly
Munich 2015 pic13
Lyn Stanley live performances in the PAD sponsored room. Good sound, shame on the rocky horror show lighting
Munich 2015 pic11
Bergmann Audio’s turntables were found playing in 2 other rooms
Munich 2015 pic11a
Bergmann Magne in piano white. Platter, record weight and tonearm in gun metal finish aka Batman colour
Munich 2015 pic9
Bergmann Audio’s flagship Sleipner turntable serving up the analog duties
Munich 2015 pic10
This room has my vote for one of the best sounding at the show. Huge soundstage, natural 3D music filling up the big space. Also the music selection is wide and always interesting. Perfect8 speakers (Sweden), Yplison (Greece) and of course, Bergmann turntable (Denmark) amongst others

The undisputed greatest audio show on earth is destined to grow bigger each year. You seriously do need a pair of walking shoes to visit/audition every single exhibit.
See you again in 5th – 8th May 2016 

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