5 Things You Might Not Know About IPC LP Energizer

Modular Audio Have A Hand In It

The first version of LP Energizer was a no expense spared, high-end product. Designed like a record player with luxurious piano black finish and the use of a precision cut crystal ‘platter’ for efficient projection of the PVA fields. Despite its jaw-dropping effectiveness (during our show demonstration), the asking price of US$3900 was simply too steep even for vinyl diehards. Soon after, numerous customer requests  were received for an affordable, no-frills version and this was when it prompted us to explore with the manufacturer IPC (HK), to develop a new LP Energizer that you see today.

AER LP Energzier

Designing a new LP Energizer that is portable, user-friendly, affordable and effective is no small deal. It took IPC’s honcho Vian Li and his team over 1 year to complete a stable prototype for Modular Audio to test and feedback. We are also proud to tell you that we are also very much involved in conceptualising the initial product – the record weight looking design. During product testing, we insisted that the new LP Energizer must be no less effective than the original i.e. 3X priced version. We are happy to let you know that this is very much achieved to everyone’s satisfaction.

Works on 2 LPs

The PVA fields emitted from the LP Energizer would treat a LP fully (both sides) regardless of which side the LP is facing the device. But did you know that you could treat 2 LPs at the same time? To do so simply stack the 2 LPs and do the treatment together. Now how about 3 LPs or more? We have tested this too, and found that the 3rd LP (i.e. most bottom one) would receive only partial effect.

LP_Energizer small

Using Outside of Turntables

Owners of spring-suspended turntable have a valid concern that this not light-weight LP Energizer may disturb the balance of their turntables when used directly on it. The fact is, there is no difference in effectiveness in treatment whether the LP is energized on your turntable or outside of your turntable. The reason for treating a LP on your playing turntable is that the PVA fields would benefit the surrounding components of 1 metre radius e.g. cartridge, tonearm cable. This additional benefit can be easily verified, so do try it.

Using with Furutech DeMag and DeStat

Stereotimes reviewer Stephen Yen tested the LP Energizer after he has both Demaged and Destated LP. Stephen was not expecting or did not want the LP Energizer to work and he was “disappointed” (in a good way). You may review his review via [this link].

Works on CD Too

Per Vian Li, the PVA fields are tuned for the material that is being treated i.e. poly carbon (CD) and plastic (LP), hence the necessity to create 2 distinctive products. Nevertheless, using the LP Energizer on your digital media like CD/CDR/DVD or vice versa, the Disk Energizer on LP, sonic enhancements are still noticeable although the effect will be limited.
LP Energizer

Now you know the interesting history and story behind this irreplaceable, LP tweak that is IPC LP Energizer.


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