Manger S1 Customer Testimonial

Below are the exact transcript from our happy Manger S1 customer. Many thanks to him for giving much time and thought in writing this. Pictures are taken from our recent visit to Munich High End Show 2016. Full text is published with kind permission.

Munich Show 2016 S1 pic3

“I have taken a while before penning some thoughts on the Manger S1. Living with these active loudspeakers for about 2 months now, I can safely say that:

I am pleased with their performance and do not have reservations in this aspect

I believe I made the right choice as I did consider Dynaudio active range and KEF Reference 5 and others before deciding on the Manger.

The S1 is small-room friendly and easy to place which is important to me and many who live in small apartments. There is no trace of any bass boom despite the speaker’s ability to produce the low end very well.

I don’t have to play loud to benefit from the speaker’s capabilities

The speaker’s rendition of voices is top notch and the highs are great

I first ventured into hi-fi in the mid-1970s and have gone through matching the likes of Rogers, PSB, Thiel, Amphion, Harbeth and Odeon loudspeakers with various amplifiers. It is a long journey and the Manger is in my view, a worthy destination.”

July 2016

Munich Show 2016 S1 pic1Munich Show 2016 S1 pic2

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