Newbie Audiophile Workshop

Date 5th March, SundayFully_Booked
Place: Modular Audio showroom
Time: 3 to 5pm
(note: We are almost full for this session. However, should you be keen to attend, kindly contact Chee at 82010233. Depending on your response, we may re-run the same program in our next session).

  1. Building Your 1st System
    1. Hi-Fi system vs Home Theatre system playing music
    2. Considerations – budget, music genre, placement (hall/bedroom/dedicated room)
    3. Upgradeability and Scalability
  2. Components of a Hi-Fi system
  3. What is Good Sound?
    1. Basic audiophile terminologies
  4. Why Vinyl?
    1. Brief history
    2. Vinyl vs Digital (CD/download/streaming)
    3. Demonstrations and comparisons
  5. Vinyl Considerations
    1. Cost, availability
    2. Cleaning, storage, housekeeping
    3. Vinyl myths
    4. Music genre
  6. Current Vinyl Scene
  7. Takeaways


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