Nessie Vinylmaster User Feedback

I was invited to try the Nessie Vinylmaster, a new RCM from Germany distributed by Modular. I asked the two great gentlemen at Modular, what is the proposition of moving from my current Clearaudio Smart Matrix, a good solid servant serving my record cleaning needs for last two years?

So Martin pulled out a classical LP from his rack and played it. The hisses and pops as expected from an old recording. He said “Just listen to music forget about the cleaning part”. He proceeded to use the Nessie to clean the record. Played the same track again.

Wow, the nirvana effect that every audiophile is looking for. The noise level drops 2-3 notches, the music background becomes quieter, there is more reverberation and spacious sound stage The music flow is more expansive, sounds a little richer and more coherent. I can hear that the timbres are less grainy and edgy. The piano has a better richness of tone.

It’s quite amazing that the improvement comes from a RCM. This is not interconnect or speaker cable nor NOS tube. Strongly recommended for a serious vinyl lover who wishes to enjoy his good collections of LP.

A vinyl lover, PwC (source: Facebook)

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