High End 2017 Munich Highlights

The annual High End Munich Show has become such a huge event. It is no longer just a show, but a big calendar event of all things Hi-Fi celebrated by global people – makers, sellers and consumers of this hobby. This year’s show is again bigger than previous one with the longer than ever food queues at the many cafes and canteens evident of the attendance.  Like before, I couldn’t visit all of the rooms/exhibits but wouldn’t miss it for the world for updates from our good suppliers.    

Manger updated the models with improved internal wiring, changed damping as well as adding audiophile fuses for their active models. The names of the models remain unchanged but prices are expected to be marginally adjusted upwards.

Studio Connections did not exhibit but Michael Whiteside (designer/founder) was at the Sim Audio room as his latest Black Star cable system was demoed in the Wilson Audio Alexx/Sim Audio setup. Black Star is developed to satisfy the most critical audiophiles and aims to challenge flagship models of the big cable brands.




The biggest announcement from Ortofon is the release of MC Winfeld Ti exclusive cartridge. Per the designer, Lief, the new version has more air, more opened than the first version and a really fun cartridge to listen to. Also in the news is the SPU-A95 Anniversary limited edition cartridge has been completely sold out and is no longer in production.


Bergmann updated the optional Magne tonearm (linear tracking, air-bearing) with more VTA room as well as ease of fixing. Also demonstrated in two separate rooms (one of them the Gryphon room) was the 4 tonearm capable Galder/Odin turntable and tonearm.

On static display was Origin Live‘s flagship Voyager turntable with 12″ Enterprise-C tonearm at Hall 4.  The Voyager comes in 2 versions with Voyager-S furthering this extreme design with a second drive motor and more advanced material for a supremely transparent sound. Voyager-S also allow be-spoke colour selection. Both versions allow the fitment of up to three 9″ to 12″ tonearm, and armboards are easily changed.  

Micha Huber of Thales Tonarm updated the award-winning TTT-Slim to TTT-Slim II. The new version spots a new and heavier body that is quite aero-dynamic in shape. The front control switches are also refreshed. Per Micha, the TTT-Slim II further pushes the performance envelope of the mid-high turntable. The best news is that TTT-Slim II is cheaper than the original version.
Two new Thales turntable support platforms designed specifically for TTT-Compact II and TTT-Slim II will also be released soon.

Nessie Vinylcleaner, the junior version of Vinylmaster now has an optional mount/dismount brush housing that you may change on-the-fly instead of using a manual handheld brush. With this update, you may apply the “deep clean” process even on the less automated Vinylcleaner.

The newest B-Sharp turntable from E.A.T was on static display at the Audio Reference booth (E.A.T Germany distributor). The B-Sharp turntable is a scale-down version of C-Major with an objective to further bring down the price point of good analogue sound without sacrificing important aspects of the turntable/arm.

Lindemann released a new series  called Limetree in this year’s show. This new range promises high performance that is easy on the pocket as well as very space saving. First off, is a model called Bridge, a digital music device (Roon ready) and the other is a MC/MM switchable phono stage (full analogue design) simply named Phono.  Both products were on active demonstration in Lindemann’s room and I surely wasn’t expecting this level of sound for so little money.

Last but not least, local hero Sound Affairs made their second appearance at the show with PLiXiR range of high-end power conditioners. Really proud of you.

Picture is yours truly with the loving couple, Eva and Johnnie Bergmann.

Thank you Munich and see you all next year!

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