Specialist in hifi-equipment feet. Consisting 3 product lines with a total of 7 different equipment feet designed for specific equipment. Our best selling component support. Made in Germany.

Speakers, amplifiers
A highly experienced European electronics and speakers maker (founded in 1935). It rebranded in 1992 (”Audio From Estonia”). It is a known fact that AUDES (OEM) is the maker behind many prestigious European speakers brands today.

Bergmann Audio

Bergmann Audio
Turntables, tonearms
Original designer/innovator of high-end air-bearing, linear-tracking turntable/tonearm. Some 12 years later (since 2008), it has made its name the world over. Designed and produced in Denmark.

Charisma Audio
Cartridges, phono stage, tonearm, accessories
Very high price/ratio performance MC cartridges from Canada. The analog centric maker also produces quality phono stage, tonearm and audio accessories.

Turntables, tonearms, cartridges, accessories
One of the largest and most established analog brands in the world. Clearaudio has a very wide product range catering to all levels of vinylphiles. Made in Germany.

Draabe Technologies
Draabe is the designer/maker of 2 well-known professional vinyl cleaning machines and LP solutions – Nessie and Hannl. Designed and made in Germany.

Dynamique Audio
Very refined sounding, detail, dynamic, high performance audio cable brand from UK. Dynamique’s line of silver cables readily challenge the big brands and known for its unmatched price/performance.

European Audio Team
Turntables, tonearms, cartridges, amplifiers
EAT has one of the most complete range of analog solutions for serious beginners to the die-hard vinylphiles. EAT first made its name from making KT88 vacuum tubes and naturally branching into tube electronics – phono stage, amps.

EMT International
Amplifier, cartridges
Famous pro-audio equipment brand of 80 years from Switzerland. EMT now builds the world famous JPA66 phono pre-amp and a sizeable range of high-end cartridges.

Digital players, DAC, amplifiers
An industrial veteran and still one of the leading brands in the field of audio and streaming technology. Lindemann designs and builds 2 series of sleek, modern, compact digital components and amplifiers, called Musicbook and Limetree. Made in Germany.

Well known over the world for its Best Tractor turntable/tonearm specific alignment jig and mint LP solutions and brushes. Made in Hong Kong.

Manger’s patented MSW speaker driver is the soul behind the unique Manger sound, the heart of all their loudspeaker systems. All speakers are available in bespoke finishes to suit every home’s unique deco. Designed and built in Germany.

Origin Live

Origin Live
Turntables, tonearms, accessories
Founded in 1986, Origin Live is British and a leading designer/manufacturer of UK tonearms, turntables, cables, vinyl accessories etc. Origin Live products are well-known for its high value, innovation and rhythmic sound.


Cartridges, accessories
Established in 1918, Ortofon is a hi-tech company that develops and manufactures hearing aid components and world acclaimed phono cartridges, cables and vinyl accessories.

Power conditioners, cables
PLiXiR Balanced AC Conditioner gives your hifi system balanced power delivery and clean earth voltage for natural, pure sound. It also offers power conditioning for both analog and digital specific products e.g. psu for DC turntables. Made in Singapore

Studio Connections

Studio Connections
Studio Connection’s work in recording, theatre and home cabling is regarded globally as exemplary and critically acclaimed in the audio world. Studio Connections offers a range of PRaT sounding, no-frills, high-end audiophile cables. Made in UK.

Accessories, cables
Tiglon is an innovative, audio cable and hi-fi accessories company from Japan. Their product lines include hi-fi racks, speakers stands, footers, audio boards and sound tweaking accessories.

Thales Tonarm
Turntables, tonearms, cables
Swiss maker/designer of the patented tangential pivtol tonearm since May 2004. Thales has become an undisputed best of class producer of high-end turntables and tonearms.

Whest Audio

Whest Audio
Phono stages
A solid-state dedicated phono stage specialist from UK (since early 2000) with a very solid background in pro-audio (recordings) and small signal re-productions. Made in UK.

A new premium MC cartridge brand using patented technologies from Switzerland. Made by the same company that brought us A-list brands like Thales Tonarm and EMT cartridges.

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