Others (Accessories)

  •  Hi-Fi rack
  •  Speaker stand and Speaker base
  •  RCA connectors
  •  Equipment isolation feet, isolation board
 Logo PLiXiR
DC Turntable Power Supply   

  • Balanced DC Power Supply (12V, 15V, 24V)
  • Elite Balanced DC Power Supply (12V, 15V, 24V)

Power Conditioners

  • Elite BAC 150 (2 inlets for desktop Hi-Fi systems)
  • Elite BAC 400  (4 inlets for source)
  • Stackable Elite Power Supply (for source)
  • Elite BAC 1000 (4 inlets for source and standard amps)
  • Elite BAC 1500 (6 inlets for source and standard amps)
  • Elite BAC 3000 (8 inlets for source and standard amps)
  • Elite BAC 3000 Pre-Conditioners (2 inlets for high-current amps)
 IPC logo
  • Disc Energizer (Upgrades CD and video performance in 5 seconds)
  • LP Energizer (Sonic upgrades of all vinyl in 3 seconds)
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  • Acoustic Energizer (Portable, battery-powered sound treatment device)
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      • [Click here] for additional Acoustic Energizer e.g. placements
      • [Click here] for sample of AE energized home systems
  • Acoustic EQ (Active sound treatment device for Hi-Fi, AV etc)
      • [Click here] for additional Acoustic EQ pictures and details
  • Sound Power (4-way Power conditioner, up to 2500w incl. power noise filter)
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 Alto-Extremo logo
Prestige Series – each absorber supports up to 50kg     

  • Exact
  • Classic

Reference Series – each absorber supports up to 100kg

  • Lyd I
  • Lyd II

Statement Series – suspension adjustable using 2 extremely strong neodymium magnest to suspend the overlying equipment

  • NeoFlex M
  • NeoFlex L
  • NeoFlex XL


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