Origin Live Illustrious MK3c Tonearm

Origin Live Illustrious Mk3C tonearm

The glittering Dynavector cartridge as expertly mounted and aligned by us, as part of the full installation

Origin Live Illustrious Mk3C

The Origin Live Platter Mat is a very affordable, must-have upgrade for LP12 turntables

Illustrious Mk3C tonearm

Back view of the Illustrious Mk3C tonearm. In the very words of our customer, this tonearm looks stunningly good on LP12

Origin Live Illustrious Mk3C tonearm

The fit and finish of this tonearm is up there with the likes of SME Series V but to those who is lucky to owned both or have heard both for long period would know that, the Origin Live bested the much pricier competitor with its seamless rhythmic ease and flow

Summary of Illustrious Mk3C Specs:

Effective Length: 240mm
Overhang: 17.24mm
Offset Angle: 23 degrees
Mounting Distance: 223mm
Diameter of Mounting Hole: 24 – 25mm
Size of Base Mounting Nut: 32mm A/F (across flats)
Maximum Armboard Thickness 27mm
Length of Supplied Phono Cable 1.2m
Effective Mass in Grams 12.5g
Weigth in Grams 850g
Packed Weight in Grams 1850g
Available in 12” version: Yes
Manufacturer website: www.originlive.com
Awards 3rd place (Turntable of the Year) in Hi Fi+ Annual Year-End Award 2010
Best of 2005 Award – Hi Fi World
Most Wanted Component of the Year Award 2004 – StereoTimesStereo Times Most Wanted Award


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  2. StereoTimes webzine – 2004
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