2nd IHEAC Show 2012

 IHEAC Show at The Sultan HotelThe Sultan Hotel (Jakarta)
 Room 133816 boxes from Singapore and numerous on-site accessories…. A long night of setup ahead
 Official opening7 Dec 10am. Main tower hotel lobby. SPG on standby for hire. Opening ceremony any moment now…
 Official OpeningVIP of IHEAC
 Brochures galoreBack in our hotel room. Product brochures and our show offers
 13th Floor Corridor @ The Sultan HotelWe like the auspicious room number assigned to us
 Johnnie BergmannJohnnie Bergmann of Bergmann Audio on guard – Ha!
 Completed setupOur showroom away from home
 Modular Audio Martin on the right and Oyster on the left, of MOdular Audio
 Let the show beginSound from hi-fi shows are usually never outstanding due to the numerous constraints. Nevertheless, we were pleased with the result and the positive feedback we received from some visitors.
 Customers feeling the air of the Bergmann

A customer taking a close inspection at the air bearing Sleipner turntable and linear tonearm

Vian LiMr. Vian Li from AER (CEO, Chief Designer) explaining the physics behind his highly popular invention – Acoustic Energizer

Kung Fu Nobody was hurt in this science experiment 🙂

Origin Live, Whest, Ocellia, AER, Bergmann Magne...The products on display include – Origin Live Platter Mat, Studio Connections cables, Ocellia Reference series cables (Silver),  Bergmann Magne tonearm, Whest TITAN phonostage and AER.

Whest TitanThe newest Whest TITAN phono stage

Bergmann Magne optional tonearmThe just released Bergmann Magne tonearm (optional) that is designed to fit most tradtional turntable. The Magne tonearm is seated on the very quiet air pump which comes with the tonearm

Bergmann Magne

 AER LP Energizer

The amazingly effective AER LP Energizer

LP Energizer

* Shine On You Crazy Diamond

 AER Disc Energizer

AER Disc Energizer for CD, DVD and even Blu-ray

AER Sound Power

AER Sound Power on the left and Bergmann Sleipner’s separate motor power supply and air pump

 Bergmann Sleipner

Bergmann Audio’s flagship model – Sleipner (with vacuum hold-down)

 Bergmann Sleipner

A simple light record weight is used to activate or deactivate the vacuum hold-down without requiring user to turn-on/off the air pump. This allows user to change LP without turning off the air pump. A very clever design indeed!

 Bergmann Sleipner

The stylish and elegant turntable in piano black finish. Clearaudio Stradivari V2 and Ocellia Reference RCA phono cables are deployed.

Trafomatic Elegance Int. amp

Trafomatic Elegance Integrated amplifier (50w)

Coincident TE II

Coincident Triumph Extreme II speakers supported by AER Acoustic Energizer and AER Acoustic EQ. Studio Connections Platinum speaker cables are used.

IHEAC official

Modular Audio team

*Just a song before I go

* We would like to thank IHEAC in supplying us these hi-res pictures 

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