KL International AV Show 2013

Welcome to KLIAV Show 2013

 J.W. Marriot hotel (Kuala Lumpur). A befitting venue to hold an annual event like this

Pack and unpack

 Did all our goods arrive? Is everything working? Many thoughts but no time to think but to make it at show time

Welcome to our show!

 Several hours later in room 8033, after lots of sweat and anxiety…. We are ready!

The brochures section

 Our freeware (brochures) section

Our demo system for the show

 Our live demonstration high-end system. Full suite of AER accessories were deployed

The left side of the system

 Making a surprise guest appearance were the REL subwoofer and ISOL-8 power conditioner

Full house almost all of the time!

 The attendance was good throughout the show

AER LP Energizer demonstration

AER LP Energizer at work and listening is believing

Latest Bergmann Sindre turntable with vacuum hold-down

 Making a world premier appearance – Bergmann Sindre with vacuum hold-down. The already quiet Sindre is now elevated to a new level. While the Sindre air pump size remains the same, according to designer Johnnie Bergmann, internally has been completely overhauled and upgraded.

Latest VDH Crimson cartridge

 The all new Van Den Hul Crimson cartridge. The synergy is undeniably apparent – PRaT, excellent bass (bounce), organic sound et al.

Whest Titan phono stage

 Whest Titan phono stage (with Whest power cord).  On top of the phono stage is the Sindre speed control unit.

Orpheus Classic line CDP and Pre-amp

Orpheus Laboratories (Swiss) Classic Line CDP and Preamplifier

Orpheus Classic line stereo amp

 Orpheus latest 150w Classic Stereo amplifier and an AER Disk Energizer is found on top

Cables from Ocellia, Studio Connections

 Silver wirings from Ocellia (France) and Studio Connections (UK)

Franco Serblin's Accordo

Franco Serblin Accordo speakers with integrated stand. The room filling sound has the backing of AER Acoustic Energizer and Acoustic EQ

Thank you from Modular Audio

 Oyster and Martin thanking all who took time to visit us. Special thanks goes to Bergmann Audio for coming all the way, to our local volunteer audiophile and to High End Research for their strong support. See you all next year!

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