This write-up is long overdue, and I’m currently into my 4th Cartridge and the latest is an EMT VM. 
To make a long story short, all 4 cartridges are by Modular Audio and that shows that I have put faith in Martin and Chee
I really appreciate their effort in making my analog setup in the best shape and truly enjoy the journey with MO. 
if you are looking for a buddy in analog, you will find it in Modular Audio, Your Best Analog Buddy
Paul (source: WhatsApp)

Modular Audio guys are very courteous and professional. They will go the extra mile to make your experience exceptional. I highly recommend checking them out especially if you are interested in playing vinyl.
Tzeminn (source: Carousell reviews)

My humble review of introduction to mono
Was I “poisoned”
Yes and no
No cos my vitals remained normal and no untowards ill effects experienced.
Yes – the excitement , warmth, thrill and exhilaration experienced during my first listening session yesterday .
Breathtaking enough to make it hard to turn the system off to retire for the night. Records that sounded drab before suddenly came to life as if I was at a live performance (of course they were in mono , I realised only yesterday).
I cannot thank Chee and Martin enough for shooting the poison arrow in my direction .
The Thales Compact second tonearm option has to be my  “bestest ” of best investments.
Dr. Tham (source: WhatsApp)

Thank you to Chee and Martin for their patience and guidance. It’s been a long
journey but I am extremely happy with my Clearaudio Concept MC turntable purchase. Highly recommended, Modular Audio is a trusted partner. It’s always a pleasure to drop by for a chat…

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Hi Kee,

I am over the moon with the quality of the C Major. Its fantastic and the
2m Bronze was the perfect fit. Its making some of my 25 year old 2 dollar
bargain bin records sound like modern reissues!

I couldn’t be happier, thanks for the help.

Phil (source: email)

“Chee & Martin, thanks for the excellent recommendation (Editor: Thales Slim II package). Fantastic rhythm, pace and very quiet. Music just got a lot more enjoyable. I feel it’s excellent value for money. The soundstage and the attack of the Thales is impressive. Big leap in performance – was listening to my familiar vinyls and can hear a huge difference. Also have the kind of bass that I really like – fast and tight.”

“Well, considering this is my most expensive piece of equipment and I still consider it good value. Customer service is important in this business. My wife has zero complaint and I think she likes the look too.”

Mak (source: WhatsApp)

I visited Modular Audio last week and auditioned EAT C-Major and C-Sharp. I am returning to vinyl after a long absence. Both Chee and Martin were patient and showed me around their showroom. They allowed me to try a few LPs at my own pace. I ended my search for a turntable then.

The C-Sharp was installed today by Chee & Martin. Happy days ahead. Thank you both Chee & Martin and I have no hesitation in recommending friends to you both.

Paul Yong (source: Facebook)

“Hi Martin, just a quick note of thanks for your masterful installation of the Charisma MC2 yesterday. I ran-in the cartridge for about 20 hrs using the Cardas run-in lp and it already sounds so good! My LPs never sounded this good! Can’t imagine what it’ll sound after 100 hrs! Thanks for your trouble yesterday!”

Michael (source: WhatsApp)

“What have I done?”  this is what I kept saying to myself a number of times last night when I was playing the Whest 30R for the first time. I felt disappointed cause I could not hear a dramatic improvement over my existing Lehmann Cube SE. I kept thinking what you had said earlier Martin that the vocals may not be as good as the Cube SE, and it was true, raspy and not so pure, the vocals were quite harsh compared to what I was used to.

Well that was last night, but playing the Whest on the second night was a completely different story, the music was so much more pure and dramatic, alot more musical, with better extention and bottom end. Much more information coming out of my speakers and the vocals had remarkably smoothed out, thank goodness for that.
It’s obvious the Whest unit having that extra 24 hours of power hooked up to it had made a world of difference. Such a pleasure to listen to now and streets in front of the Cube SE.

I am so pleased with this purchase guys, a big thank you!
Sometime in the future I could see myself upgrading to a higher Whest model,  but for now I’m going to enjoy this wonderful Phonostage,  thank you once again.

Wolf M. (source: email)

Hey guys, just a quick note of thanks for the great advice and superb on site service on Sunday! As usual your customer service is off the charts. Martin set up nicely for me (Editor: Charisma Reference One cartridge) and now I could go back to musical bliss. First impressions were outstanding and it strikes a good balance between resolution and warmth. I dun know how to place it but it’s fast and musical and just balanced and right. Now for the hard job of more listening and breaking in. I see those buggers even mount this on a Kronos Sparta and knock it out of the park. Well I’m only using an Ovation so hopefully I should be quite happy. 

Edwin (source: WhatsApp)

Just want to say that Chee and Martin and modular audio provide one of the best services around. Even though I have only bought the lower end products from them, the customer svc is still top notch, unlike some other shops who only look like they are interested in you if you prepare to spend $$$$$. Big thumbs up to modular audio

TWL (source: xtremeplace.com forum)

Got the cartridge installed till 1am last night!

Big Thumbs up to Martin from Modular Audio for his professionalism. 

The Moerch is not an easy tonearm. I love it’s look and sound, but definitely   not the setting up part. (I came from an OL illustrious 4 years ago) The cartridge installation demands meticulous and delicate hands and Martin is few who does it well and with great patience. Yes he really takes his time in the whole setup, not slow, but making sure high level of accuracy is attained. He even repeated the steps just because I had to move the TT for a phono cable swap. Took almost 3 hours to perfect the setup. I reckon it’ll take me 3 days to do it myself and end up damaging the cartridge.

After the long wait, I thought we could finally sit down to enjoy some good music, but good things don’t usually happen so easily. Martin took another 2 hours to make further fine tuning. From VTA adjustment to phono load settings. We were flipping records like roti-prata making sure I get the right level of bass mid and highs I wanted. We tweaked and listened, tweaked and listened and when the smile came to both our faces, we knew finally got it right. I see passion in the work Martin does, he doesn’t come my house turn a few screws and take my money. He makes sure I am satisfied with the sound before he leaves and this is most commendable. And any questions I have Martin and Chee are just a message or phone call away. The cart is not cheap, but the professional service I received sweetened the deal, makes my money worth every dollar and beyond.

Paul Lim (source: xtremeplace.com forum)

Martin and you are doing a good job serving vinyl friends and customers 😀 do take care and continue to serve your customers well! Humility and professionalism are taking both of you far… well done for your thriving business establishment.

Dr Ian (HiViNyws channel @ YouTube)

The Platinum speaker cables are really good. I was not ready for any speaker cable costing more than $2500. However, the Platinum is really a great buy and now I agree with you – it is cheap in comparison to many other makes. Studio Connections deserve more – fantastic cables. Not easy to break into the market when their products have no bling.  

Fox (Source: Whatsapp)

Bought a Nessie Vinylmaster from Modular Audio and am now listening to crisper, clearer vinyl. Some of my precious old vinyls date back 35 years and I can hardly hear any crackly. Thanks Martin and Chee from Modular Audio for your friendly service and dropping by, setting up and demonstrating the use the Nessie to me. A MUST HAVE FOR ANY AUDIOPHILE.

Dr. Danny (Source: Facebook)

Thanks for sorting out my cable problem. Martin also fixed my cartridge alignment. You guys now have a loyal customer. Bobby

Finally collected the Studio Connection Master Class!!! Connected it to Phono to Pre to Power amps. 2 pairs of their latest cables in XLR. First thing I noticed was the very organic sound, piano, harmonica and all was so real and “everything was there” without any criteria trying to take the lime light. Second thing was the deep deep bass but not overwhelming, this goes for the staging where everything was place well like in a club. Speakers…where are the speakers? They have disappeared. Third but not last was how smooth and dynamic with pace the music was. Yes this is against physics or any logic!!! You have to hear to believe. Can’t wait to hear the improvements when it really runs in. Amazing!!!
Thank you Michael and Modular.
Adrian Lim (Source: Facebook)

Hi Martin,

I am very happy with the NeoFlex L. To my experience, the NeoFlex L is best with the with the Weiss Man 301, it tops the Lyd II in every aspect. On the integrated amp, I think it is on par with the Lyd II with the different in the style. The Lyd II gave more control on the bass and a little bit better image while the NeoFlex L give a fuller sound and better atmosphere.

Thank you for your advice on the amazing product.


Patapong (Thailand)

Dear Kee Hoe,

Please be informed that we have received the cables and tried the sounding test.
It’s very good and worths its value!
Thank you veru much for your reliable information and supply!
Please notify me immediately upon your receipt of the XLR connectors!

Tran (Vietnam)

“Thanks Chee and Martin for setting up the TT fast. Great support and service!”

“Thanks to you guys again. I’m listening to Journey’s rock ballad now. Feeling damn happy!” T. K Na (source: Facebook)

“Thanks Martin and Chee. Impressive service and great sound” Bruce Siow (source: Facebook)

Hi Mark,

I am writing to let you know that I am very pleased with the arm, but only after it crossed the 80hr mark. Before this, the sound was a tad jarring on the treble although the bass was awesome from day 1. The harsh treble prevented me from givng full marks to the arm till now. 

The wires have  burned in, and the VTA / VTF tuned to perfection. The arm is fantastically good in my opinion. Very musical, excelling in low level detail and bass power/definition. With everything else in the playback chain the same except for the arm, the bass power, bass definition, imaging, staging have all taken a huge upward leap.

Dynamic and rhythmic with fast leading edges has improved the overall PRaT. The articulation and increased resolution means music is so calm and tidy yet with plenty of PRaT. My records have never sounded better especially on live recordings. On good live recordings, I am transported to the venue as the acoustics of the venue is so clearly replicated. At times, the performer is in my listening room in 3D!

The cartridge is now cruising along after the change from unipivot arm to dual-pivot arm. On the unipivot, my ZYX Airy 3 suspension was working very hard. To the extent that after 2 years, the suspension was showing signs of wear. The imaging would drift from centre to left between the null points and then back to centre again on all records.

With the same cartridge on Enterprise, imaging is rock solid and no longer drifts as the arm sweeps across the face of the record. My reasoning (rightly or wrongly) is that the hard work is now being taken care of by the arm. The cartridge has the easier task of tracing the grooves, and not tracking the record terrain imperfections as well.  The ZYX has upped its own performance on the arm.   With the Enterprise I can tell how the note is formed, whereas in old arm I could only tell a note was produced. The increase in resolution, micro-dynamics and macro-dynamics is ear opening.

All this would not be possible without the excellent support of the local OL dealer Modular Audio. Martin made sure that the mounting distance was absolutely perfect, and the effective length accurately aligned using a Mint protractor when he did the mounting. The mounting exercise on-site was not without hiccup as the arm was riding too low and needed an acrylic spacer to raise the height by 10mm. However, only an 8mm spacer was available and this was put into temporary service.

The 10mm spacer came later and Martin had to re-mount and re- calibrate everything again. In total, Chee and Martin made 2 visits to my home with 1 more to come as the 10mm spacer has a flaw and will be replaced. At each visit, they only left after satisfied that the mounting was perfect no matter how late in the evening it was. You are lucky to have Singapore’s best analog specialists as your OL dealer. The local audiophiles have great confidence in the ability of Modular Audio to support their brands, and enjoy excellent customer service. 

In conclusion, I will say that the Enterprise-C is letting me enjoy the performance, while my previous Vector 4 arm only let me enjoy the music. I am re-enjoying my entire LP collection and spending more time spinning. I cannot give a higher compliment than this.  No regrets at all buying the arm as my much loved SME30 has been significantly upgraded.

Thank you Mark, for making a great product.

I have 1 suggestion to make. That you add a tag to the cable to tell of the need to use hair-dryer when plug in for first time. I struggled to plug in the RCA and almost damaged the plug. It was only when I read the manual after the installation that I saw the advice to heat the plug first.  Modular Audio were also not aware that heating was necessary as is so unique. 

Best regards from Singapore,


Dear Martin and Kee Hoe,

Can’t tell you how moved I was listening to my Bergmann turntable after it came back from your showroom. The re-alignment, cleaning and re-oiling you did brought back the brilliance of the Magne. It is much quieter than before, the music is more airy, fuller, more energetic and 3-dimensional. Vocals are clearer, unforced and moving. It makes me want to play the next LP, and the next LP, and the next…

As I was listening and marveling at your handiwork, the articles you wrote on your website about the importance of good turntable setup and regular fine-tuning came to mind. I can now testify to the truth and service standards that you profess. Thank you for making it happen – bringing value to the “table”!

Congratulations on Modular Audio’s 6th anniversary. All the best (you deserve it)!!

Meng Yee

“Many thanks for setting up the turntable. I really appreciate that you put in so much time to do a proper job.” Uwe (Malaysia)

“Just received the cable in perfect condition. Pleasure doing business with you.”
Dirk (Belgium)

“Bravo. Excellent cartridge (Editor: VdH Condor). Bigger soundstage, deeper depth, pin point imaging, crispy highs, vocal now sounded real palpable and emotional. Yes more detail especially percussion. Drum beats with air. Most evident, not aggressive. Bass just nice not overdo. I enjoy every track in CCR. Before, some tracks sounded rough with Symphony. Dammmmmed excellent cartridge ! Amazing Jennifer Warnes Famous Blue Raincoat sounds so good. The highs are superb !! Full control over the music. I hear  the separation between Jennifer and her male backup singer humming. Let me tell u, if it can play this LP well, it passes the test. This LP is so difficult to play. It can fail many systems.” Bernard T. 

Modular Audio also has very good collection of rock LPs that are very good quality (near mint) and they have quite a lot of Japanese pressings.  Their prices are very reasonable (given their condition and rarity).” Desmond T.

“Finally my TT is done! Thanks to Martin from Modular Audio, Without him I don’t think I can spin my LP so soon even if I’ve my TT . All my setting up tools for the TT sold  :'(. Very professional n patient gentleman! Hard to find a guy with analogue knowledge nowadays”. Tony C.

“Absolutely. From the first record the Cronus Magnum Integrated amp sounded like a whole new band coming out of my system! My 2 year old daughter was dancing uncontrollably to Count Basie and kept saying daddy I hear music!” Jason S.

“Cleaned records, beautiful sounding speakers (Ocellia), lovely designed turntable and warm 300B. All in all – wow! Thanks for making it possible after all, esp. for letting me have the Ocellia. Ha!” J. Tan

Dear Mr. James Henriot,

Just a short note to let you know, what a joy it is to listen to vinyl thru the PS.30RDT SE. It was a little over a month ago when Mr. Chee of Modular Audio gave me a loaner with attempts of convincing me that I will be a convert,  and just only couple days later I am sold.  Together with all the dynamics, speed, precision and bandwidth, it has that all important ‘captivating’ factor.  Now  after having settled down with my own set, I am discovering new sounds with each album I put on.  Well done Mr. James Henriot. Cheah

The Amazon 1 is beginning to sound very nice with the speed issue solved and after a little run-in. Boomy bass is also gone. Thanks for recommending this nice turntable and tonearm 🙂 Paul L.

Hi Israel,

After your email assurance, and plenty more from the experts at Modular Audio, the Super Victory II is finally standing in my little room.

I’m so glad I made the choice as SVII not just played well in the Modular Audio showroom, it stood the test of my small room. It was great from the first sound even though the room was small, bare and untreated.

To top it off, the commitment of the folks at Modular Audio to help customers get the best results really made my hi-fi journey very very enjoyable. Best of all… It is far from over, because the guys are coming back again when I’ve run in the speakers to do more adjustments and tweaking for me.

Guess I’m lucky that you chose such great agents to represent your fantastic work! They really made a difference in my choice.

M.T. (Singapore)

“… I’ve been to your store quite a few times, mainly to purchase vinyl, and unlike other places I truly have not given any thought to whether the vinyl would be in good shape etc – the reason being, I’ve never bought a bad record from you. In fact most of them were unbelievably good – Thanks Oyster for that Japanese copy of Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust. Oh and the MOFI version too!T. Scully (Singapore)

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