International Sound & Sight Exhibition 2014

ISSE 2014 small

Place: ParkRoyal @ Kitchener Road (Singapore)
Date: 28th Nov – 30th Nov 2014
Event: ISSE 2014


 A very well attended show. Credit to the organisers and the hotel staff who put up with our always urgent requests

ISSE2014_pic2Room 1 – Manger speakers backed by Rogue Audio amplification. No static display here – both turntables were rotated to play assisted by Whest and Lehmann phono stages, backed by UK cables from Studio Connections and Dynamique Audio. IPC audio tweaks also starred.
ISSE2014_pic2bManger 109 IIe Limited Edition in exquisite high gloss finish
 ISSE2014_pic2cThales TTT-Compact turntable, Simplicity II tonearm with the matching Clearaudio Concerto V2 and Whest TITAN Pro as the key analogue setup. On the lowest shelf is the IPC Sound Power (power distributor) and the power supply of Lehmann SE II phono stage
ISSE2014_pic3aThree Acoustic Energizers and a pair of Acoustic EQ complete the lineup
ISSE2014_pic5World premiere of IPC all new LP Energizer
ISSE2014_pic5aThe LP Energizer proves to upgrade any LP during the show. Compressed sounding LPs become more listenable and already good sounding LPs turned into audiophile pressings – for 2 hours (per single treatment). Funk Firm LSD with the latest Funk’s FX3 tonearm matched really well with Ortofon Quintet Bronze
ISSE2014_pic4Nessie Vinylmaster (Germany)
ISSE2014_pic7No hardware without software. We did our best here to provide you with more choices (the show price I’m afraid may never be repeated)
ISSE2014_pic9Early birds catching fat worms here
ISSE2014_pic6Room 2. Sweet spot and good sound, despite show condition
ISSE2014_pic10Johnnie Bergmann (Bergmann Audio) came all the way to support us
ISSE2014_pic13Bergmann Sindre turntable w/ Van Den Hul Canary cartridge, Rogue Audio amplifications, phono stage is The Grail (Van Den Hul)
ISSE2014_pic14Optional, separate Bergmann Magne tonearm
ISSE2014_pic15Manger 2-way reference passive speaker P1 anchored the sound in Room 2
ISSE2014_pic16Rogue Audio Pharaoh, Cronus Magnum and Sphinx took turns to show its stuff
ISSE2014_pic18Standing room only in many of our sessions
ISSE2014_pic19Martin explaining the benefits of IPC audio accessories
ISSE2014_pic21The M and O of MOdular Audio. Thanks to all who helped us and especially to you who visited us


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