International Sound & Sight Exhibition 2015

ISSE 2015 official poster smallsize



Place: ParkRoyal @ Kitchener Road
Date: 27 – 29th November
Room: 735



ISSE 2015 pic1 (2)

Manger Z1 with full Lindemann electronics

ISSE 2015 pic5

 Cables on demonstration include Studio Connections flagship Platinum series and silver-based power cords from Dynamique Audio 

ISSE 2015 pic2

 ISSE 2015 pic4 (2)

Bergmann Magne (white) pairing with Whest MC REF V top-model 2-box mono channel phonostage

ISSE 2015 pic3 (2)

Lindemann musicbook 25 (Network player) handles all the sources from CD/LP/USB stick and streaming from a simple wi-fi network connected to a notebook. Supporting the musicbooks are Alto-Extremo NeoFlex magnetic footers from Germany.

ISSE 2015 pic6

Day 2, visitor no. 1

ISSE 2015 pic7

Martin illustrating how the Thales theorem is applied in the Thales Simplicity II tonearm

ISSE 2015 pic8 (2)

First time in Singapore – EMT TSD S75 cartridge

ISSE 2015 pic11 (2)

ISSE 2015 pic10 (2)

Lindemann musicbook 55 configured as mono-block mode powering the sealed box floorstander from Estonia – AUDES Excellence 5 AMT

ISSE 2015 pic2a

A glass display shelf full of goodies from Ortofon, Charisma Audio, Alto-Extremo, Van Den Hul and EMT Audiotechnik

ISSE 2015 pic9

A relatively big speaker in a small room without any room treatment

ISSE 2015 pic12 (2)

Attendance was very good on the first and second day

ISSE 2015 pic13 (2)

 Thank you to our friends for taking their personal time to help us (all the heavy lifting!) And also to our young helpers who may yet have a clue what this fuss is all about.




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