HES Munich 2016 Launch of Bergmann Galder

bergmann-galder-pic1-smallBergmann Audio launched the all-new design Galder model turntable in Munich Show this year. It has been over 3 years since we heard new product releases from them. Knowing their strife for product excellence, never rushing to push out something immature, the time taken is totally understandable.

The Galder turntable is a whole new design target to be the most universal turntable. Itbergmann-galder-johnnie-pic2 retains the simple is beautiful Scandinavian touch. Like all their other models, it is an airbearing design but unlike the others, Galder can be ordered without tonearm and you may fit up to 4 tonearms of your choice. Of course, Bergmann’s very own air-bearing linear tracking tonearm should be your top picking when seeking out Galder. Other main differences are that the plinth is made of solid cast aluminium instead of a wood base body and the motor base is now separated from the plinth to stay further away from vibration.

Galder is easy to setup and this new design translate to a turntable with excellent bass weight, big scale, lowest noise floor, a highly flexible, user-friendly turntable for the most sophisticated users. To further the vinyl playback satisfaction, you may order with the optional vacuum platter hold-down which ensures your vinyl is playback as flat as possible.


Odin tonearm
Slated to be released around the end of 2016 is the new Bergmann Odin tonearm. This new separate tangential, airbearing tonearm is designed to fit almost all turntable brands/models. By airbearing, the moving part of the tonearm simply floats on a thin cushion of air, and is led only by the stylus tip and the record grove – a zero friction tonearm. Incidentally, this new tonearm and the current Magne tonearm are perfect match to the Galder turntable.

Magne, the previous optional separate tonearm has a requirement to fit turntables with platter height of minimum 4.5 cm and has less room for VTA adjustment. Not with Odin. The Odin tonearm will have a lot more VTA adjustment possibility, and with a design to easily fit onto most traditional and modern turntables of today.

The Odin tonearm is good news to vinylphiles who wants the benefits of an airbearing, linear tracking playback (zero tracking error) while keeping their turntables of choice. We are sure we will hear a lot more of it in the days to come.


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