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The EMT JPA 66 MkII, Varia-Curve Tube Stereo Control Center is a full-fledge tube Stereo pre and phono stage (2 in 1).

Launched back in EMT’s 66th Anniversary, the MkII celeberates its 75th Anniversary with even higher performance and the limited Gold colour.

In brief, JPA 66 MkII is a stereo pre-amp which can be used with virtually any modern or heritage cartridge. Nearly every type of record pressings (mono or stereo) can be compensated easily and rapidly with this world class pre-amp.


The JPA 66 MkII is an all tube design, full signal path from input to output, employing only dedicated audio-triodes. The separate power supply of sollid state design is included.

The JPA 66 MkII accepts 4 phono input (2 MC and 2 MM) and 2 line level inputs. Both XLR and RCA as input. Outputs are in both XLR and RCA types.

The major difference between JPA 66 MkII and other phono pre-amps is that you may control all the sound parameters on the fly. From settings to match your choice cartridge (and sound) as well as specific vinyl characteristics, latter is especially important to older records of the late 50s and early mono records.



This flagship product comes burn-in (100 hours for tubes) and that’s great news for audiophiles who cannot wait to hear their new purchase sounding at their best. As a tube pre-amp with 8 tubes (6 x ECC 83S, 2 x ECC 99) in Class A mode, it runs incredibly quiet.

Unless you are also using a top of the bill pre-amp (US$20k and above), chances are that you’ll be stunned how good the pre-amp section is.  The real deal is this high performance is available in a neat 2-in-1 solution, saving you space, cables and the extra accessories.

The darling of this machine of course, is the phono section. First of all, the on-the-fly cartridge settings (load/gain) are a dream. The ability to fine tune the sound of your old records (late 50s, early 60s and mono) will make you seat up and re-listen to your entire collection e.g. Blue Note, RCA Victor’s Harry Belafonte at the Carnegie Hall.  We found that even modern records benefit from slight tweaking of the RIAA and Hf curve available from the front panel. Another very important but very often neglected feature of any thoughtful pre-amp is the phase switch.  The rule of thumb is when you switched to out of phase ie. inverse polarity, and you hear a big difference than this record is likely recorded out of phase.

We partnered JPA 66 MkII with Rogue Audio ST-100 connected to Thales TTT-Compact and Begmann Sindre running through a suite of materials – rock, pop, classical, jazz, metal, world etc. We felt that every piece and type of music is rejuvenated and played at a scale, at a whole new level we’ve not heard before regardless of tube or solid state design.

The JPA 66 MkII is the finest high-end, pre/phono stage we’ve experienced and we’ve heard countless in this trade so far.


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