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Below are the used/trade-in/consigned/ex-demo quality gears. Every piece has been checked for its working condition.  We do not provide audition for used items but functionality test/inspection can be performed upon purchase confirmation. 
Call Chee at 65-82010233 to discuss. All local sales in Cash/Nets/PayNow only. Overseas offers are welcome.
Overseas customers to note:
Payment strictly via bank transfer only. Shipping is separately charged (if any). Due to some equipment come to us without box and packaging, we may ask for handling fee esp. bulky items. 
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Last updated : 4-Aug-2020

Luxman PD171A w/ Jelco / 2 additional arm mounts
This directly imported from Japan model comes with a high quality PLiXiR step-down power supply and 2 additional arm mounts – SME and Origin Live tonearms. Selling as whole set only. Overall condition is near-mint.
[Click here] for more product details from Luxman’s official website. Does not include box.
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: $3800 (cash and carry)

Rega P8/Apheta package / PLiXiR psu / Whest powercord
This slightly over 1 year old locally purchased unit comes upgraded with PLiXiR DC power supply and a matching Whest 1m powercord (US). This very well reviewed turntable comes in plug-and-play fashion and the condition is very near mint. Selling as a set only. You may read one of the many reviews [here]. Comes with original power supply, manual, dust cover, cables but without original box.
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: $3680 (cash and carry)

Thales TTT-Slim II package (no cartridge)
This hardly surfaced used item from Switzerland includes the Slim II turntable, Easy tonearm, Thales phono cable and Isolation platform. TTT-Slim II packs a punch in sound for its compact size and has received numerous recognition and awards from analogue centric writers from Stereophile, AudioBeat, Dagogo etc. Please
[Click here] for more detail information from Thales’ website.
This sale include box, original tools, manual, accessories.
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: $8400 (cash and carry)

EAT B-Sharp w/ PLiXiR DC psu
A well loved EAT B-Sharp in cool piano white finish mounted with Audio Technica 110 MM cartridge. The PLiXiR 15V Elementa DC psu comes with this set and sold as together. The enhanced psu offers you a quieter background, bass improvement over the stock wall plug. The turntable package comes complete with original box and accessories – phono cables, LP clamp, dust cover etc.
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: $1400 (cash and carry)

AudiophileBase QuattraBase 3-Tier
AudiophileBase (UK) top model hi-fi rack from UK. Consists of 1 x Strata V platform (top) and 2 x Strata II platforms. Although in used condition, this demo set of ours are in great overall condition ie. no deep scratch, marks or abuse. New retails at S$4800. Without original box but comes with its original footers and spikes.
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: $2095 (cash and carry)

Pro-ject 2XPerience Classic
Just received this beautiful mahogany finish Pro-ject turntable that has been upgraded. This turntable has been recently upgraded with Ortofon 2M Bronze cartridge, Pro-ject SpeedBox controller and new belts (turntable and motor). We have recalibrated the turntable and done the cartridge alignment to make it plug-and-play for you. Comes with original box but without user manual.
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: $1300 (cash and carry)

Arte TETRA (Japan)
A pair of audio diffusion ceiling panel from Japan. Condition is all round excellent with no markings. No box or user manual. New retails at S$600 for a pair. You may visit the manufacturer’s [website] for more information. 
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: $400 (cash and carry)

Whest 1.5m power cord w/ Furutech UK plug
Highly musical, all-purpose PRAT galore power cord from Whest (UK) upgraded with Furutech UK plug. Also a great match with whest phono stages. No box. 
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: $600 (cash and carry)

Opera Consonance Cyber 300BD monoblock
Robust, powerful yet sweet sounding 300B monoblock tube power amplifier selectable in 8 ohm or 4 ohm. Equipment shows signs of normal usage but no abuse. The equipment is with customer and view/test can be separately arranged. No box or stock power cable but comes with user manual. New retails at S$7500.
Dimension (cm), weight (kg): 412(L), 220(W), 166(H), 27.5kg
Vacuum tubes: 274B x 2, E88CC x 2, 5687 x 2, 300B x 4
You may visit the manufacturer’s [website] for more information. 
Condition: 8/10
Asking price: $3000 (cash and carry)

Technics SL-1210M5G (240V) This is the most heavily modified, upgraded/enhanced Technics turntable that we have encountered. The owner has spent well over $3000 on the upgrades alone. What’s included:
Origin Live Onyx tonearm / Origin Live DC motor kit / Origin Live Upgrade Transformer, Oyaide MJ-12 turntable mat, Oyaide STB-MSX clamp and the fine wood enclosures.
There is no dust cover, cartridge or box included.
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: S$2080
 (cash and carry)  

In all round excellent shape
On the left are the Origin Live DC Motor Kit and Upgrade Transformer

Opera Consonance Reference 2.2 (240V) High-end, dual-mono tube pre-amp with separate power supply. Comes with 4 original tubes. Works perfectly. Does not come with box. User manual is included. The equipment is with customer and view/test can be separately arranged. This is a current model and retails at S$4500.
Condition: 8/10
Asking price: S$2000
 each (cash and carry)  

Artificial Coral platform
This solid platform from Copulare (Germany) measures 47 cm by 42 cm and is suitable for equipment such as amp, turntable, DAC/CDP. There is a small ding (patch) at the left front (see picture) with paint scratched. Otherwise, this platform looks excellent overall. You may visit the manufacturer’s [website] for more information. 
Condition: 8/10
Asking price: S$750 (cash and carry)

C.E.C Wellfloat platform
This Wellfloat platform is designed to absorb vibration through pendulum movement. The variable springs supporting the platform corrects the board tilt dynamically. This platform is suitable for any equipment weighing from 5 to 90kg. The platform size is 350 x 450 x 58 (height) mm. Condition is near-mint.  You may read 6moons [review] here.
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: $750 (cash and carry)

Whest REF V MkII w/ Whest powercords  
This pair of unique 2-box mono-block designed, solid-state phonostage from UK is a highly desirable, touted by most vinylphiles’ as their “last phono stage”. Comes without box or original hardcopy manual (note: manual is downloadable) but included in this sale is a pair of matching Whest 1.5m powercords (US plugs). The Whest power cords are usually sold separately and known to optimise the performance of this flagship phono stage.

Condition: 9/10
Asking price: S9200
(cash and carry)

Whest Titan PRO (240V)
This is a high-end, best of class 1-box phono stage from Whest (UK). This is the latest 2018 revision with 2 LED lights and an updated face plate.  Unit is in excellent and near-mint condition (less than 1 year old).  Owner letting go because of upgrade. No box/cable/user manual (note: user manual is downloadable). 
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: S$9100
(cash and carry)

WhestTHREE (240V)
This is the 2nd model of whest line of solid state phono stages. This unit was dedicated to serve the ex-owner’s second tonearm for mono records only. As such, unit is like new (just over 1 year old).  Without original box but comes with user manual. 
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: S$2680
(cash and carry)

Ortofon 6NX-TSW-1010 RCA Phono Interconnect
This is a popular, a go-to upgrade of Pro-Ject, EAT etc turntable users which have been using the stock RCA phono cables. The Ortofon pair is quieter, smoother and simply more musical than the stock ones.
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: S$185
 (cash and carry)  

AudioNote Lexus 50 1.5m RCA Interconnect
This pair of 50 strand copper litz cables from AudioNote is in like new condition and comes in its original box.  The Lexus copper range offers a natural warm mid-range with good details in a full presentation. 
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: S$400
 (cash and carry)

Studio Connections BlackStar 0.5m RCA  
BlackStar is the top model of Studio Connections (UK) range of cables. This 0.5m is well suited to be used on systems with space constraint and/or on components which are close to one another. The ex-owner was using this to link up the pre and power amp. BlackStar is neutral, fast, very open and transparent sounding (with really good bass). Original outer jacket is included in this sale.
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: S$990
(cash and carry)

Studio Connections BlackStar 2m RCA  
BlackStar is the top model of Studio Connections (UK) range of cables. This 2m is very well kept although comes without the original packing. The ex-owner has changed to an all XLR system as such letting go this pair at a sweet price. BlackStar is neutral, fast, very open and transparent sounding (with really good bass). 
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: S$1900
(cash and carry)

Soundsmith Strain Gauge SG-200    
This is a high-end cartridge system that is unique whereby the cartridge and phono stage is designed and to be played only together. As such, a separate 3rd party phono pre-amp is not required and you cannot use other cartridges with the supplied phono pre-amp. The styli and cantilever have been checked to be straight and clean. Due to the nature of this product, upon commitment of the customer, we would mount this cartridge system to test before we accept your payment.
All SG-200 systems feature user replaceable styli, however, due to the nature of the cartridge design, styli are individually matched to each cartridge. Original box is provided but this sale does not come with manual. Please [click here] for its official website for more details.
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: S$5000 (cash and carry)

ETKG Hi-Fi rack (1 set) 
This is a pair of 3-tier hi-fi rack (made in China) in maple wood finish. Slight wear is expected due to the nature of this product but overall, we still rate it a 9. At the time of this writing, the racks are residing at the owner’s place. 
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: S$280
each (cash and carry)

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