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Below are the used/trade-in/consigned/ex-demo quality gears. Every piece has been checked for its working condition.  We do not provide audition for used items but functionality test/inspection can be performed upon purchase confirmation. 
Call Chee at 65-82010233 to discuss. All local sales in Cash/Nets only and overseas offers are welcome.
Overseas customers to note:
Payment strictly via bank transfer only. Shipping is separately charged (if any). Due to some equipment come to us without box and packaging, we may ask for  handling fee esp. 
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Nessie Vinylmaster  
A very lightly used high-end LP cleaning machine (6 months old) letting go by a reluctant customer because of re-location. Without original box but comes with original manual, power cord, spare velvet strip, funnel and a bottle of Nessie Vinylin.    
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: S$2250
each (cash and carry)

Soundsmith Strain Gauge SG-200    
This is a high-end cartridge system that is unique whereby the cartridge and phono stage is designed and to be played only together. As such, a separate 3rd party phono pre-amp is not required and you cannot use other cartridges with the supplied phono pre-amp. The styli and cantilever have been checked to be straight and clean. Due to the nature of this product, upon commitment of the customer, we would mount this cartridge system to test before we accept your payment.
All SG-200 systems feature user replaceable styli, however, due to the nature of the cartridge design, styli are individually matched to each cartridge.  

Original box is provided but this sale does not come with manual. Please [click here] for its official website for more details.
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: S$5700 (cash and carry)

ETKG Hi-Fi rack  
This is a pair of 3-tier hi-fi rack (made in China) in maple wood finish. Slight wear is expected due to the nature of this product but overall, we still rate it a 9. At the time of this writing, the racks are residing at the owner’s place. 
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: S$280
each (cash and carry)
Whest PS.30RDT SE (mainboard upgraded to .40RDT SE)   
This Whest PS.30RDT SE phono stage was sent back to factory in UK last year and got its main board upgraded to .40 SE circuitry although the face plate remains unchanged showing it as the previous model. This upgrade was done through us and as such we authenticates it. This is a sweet bargain for any new owner who just pay half of its actual price to enjoy this very high performing phono stage. Without box or manual and the external feets per pictures are not included in this sale.   
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: S$5600 (cash and carry)
Ortofon Reference Bronze 1.5m RCA Interconnects    
This is Ortofon’s Reference series cables. The cables are extremely well built, quiet and smooth sounding. Comes with original box.
Condition: 9/10

Asking price: S$550 (cash and carry)
Ortofon 6NX-TSW-1010 1m Phono cable  
This is a hugely popular external phono cable that makes a good upgrade to most stock phono cables including Pro-ject, E.A.T etc. Without box. 
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: S$240 (cash and carry)
Studio Connections Black Star 2m speaker cable   
This is Studio Connections flagship speaker cable in banana to banana configuration. This is a good opportunity to acquire this flagship product at a generously discounted price. Product is in an almost new condition. Original denim jacket and authentic badge are included.  You may find out more about Black Star from [this link
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: S$2680 (cash and carry)

Rogue Audio Ares Magnum phono stage   
This is Rogue Audio’s top model tube phono stage. This is the higher version of standard Ares which means ultra low noise and higher performance by using premium parts eg. the custom Cinemag step-up transformers. This phono stage is MC/MM capable and is a no-brainer upgrade if you are using a phono stage of $2000 – 3000 region.   
No box but o
riginal user manual is included.  
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: S$2890 (cash and carry)


Audiophilebase QuattraBase (UK)   
This high-end 3-tier rack from UK is the top of the line current model from Audiophilebase. Comes with 1 Stratabase platform on top, 1 Base platform and 1 custom granite (bottom tier). The rack and frames are in near-mint condition (9/10) while the platforms do show normal usage (8/10). Does not include box but this showroom demo unit comes completely installed and still in great shape. New set retails at S$4800 nett.
You may visit the manufacturer’s [
website] for more information.  
Condition: 8.5/10
Asking price: S$1900 (cash and carry)

Artdificial Coral Platform   
This solid platform from Copulare (Germany) measures 47 cm by 42 cm and is suitable for equipment such as amp, turntable, DAC/CDP. There is a small ding (patch) at the left front (see picture) with paint scratched. Otherwise, this platform looks excellent overall. You may visit the manufacturer’s [website] for more information.  
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: S$725 (cash and carry)
CEC ASB3545 WF Platform   
This Wellfloat platform is designed to absorb vibration through pendulum movement. The variable springs supporting the platform corrects the board tilt dynamically. This platform is suitable for any equipment weighing from 5 to 90kg. The platform size is 350 x 450 x 58 (height) mm. Condition is near-mint.  You may read 6moons [review] here.
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: S$800(cash and carry)
Dynamique Audio Halo 2.5m Speaker Cable  
This pair of pure silver, high-end speaker wires from UK is configured with WBT banana at both ends. The sound is fast, silky highs with abundance of inner details. This gear would fit system that is overly warm, lacking speed or details. Comes with original box.
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: S$1380 (cash and carry)
Acrolink 7N-DA2090 1m RCA  
This pair of highly rated interconnects from Japan Acrolink needs no further writeup. It is rated Class A by Stereophile.  Comes with original box.
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: S$1080 (cash and carry)
Acrolink 7N-DA2090 1.5m XLR  
This pair of highly rated interconnects from Japan Acrolink needs no further writeup. It is rated Class A by Stereophile.  Does not come with box.
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: S$1400 (cash and carry)
Sound Affairs 6 inlet US power conditioner  
This machine predates the launch of Plixir model but has been refurbished by Sound Affairs in May 2017.  This model equates the current Elementa BAC2500(heavy duty!). This conditioner would partner perfectly for most music or HT system. Condition is rated lower due to age of the machine. Functionally it is perfect with only very minor wear. 
Condition: 8/10
Asking price: S$850 (cash and carry)
Rogue Audio Medusa Hybrid power amp 
Recognised as one of the most musical Class D design amps and also priced affordably.Medusa output 200/400 WPC 8/4 Ohms. A pair of 12AU7 is used to tune the sound so you get the best of solid state and tube. This amp weighs 38 lbs.
No box or manual. New retails at $6200.
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: S$3400 (cash and carry)
Rogue Audio Sphinx Hybrid 100w Amplifier (240V)
This is the original Sphinx (version 1) integrated amplifier. We are letting go this showroom unit as Sphinx has been upgraded to version 2.  Sphinx is our top selling integrated amp for its very high performance for its asking price.
Comes with original heavy metal remote control but without box or manual.
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: S$1100 (cash and carry)
Engelholm Audio Coda Feet (set of 4)
Beautifully machined, heavy, adjustable equipment feet from Sweden. Comes in-built with m8 screws which you may use directly to replace the stock ones of your equipment. Excellent result tested with big equipment like amplifiers, turntables, conditioners etc. Comes with original wooden box.
Condition 9/10
Asking price: S$490

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