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Below are the used/trade-in/consigned/ex-demo quality gears. Every piece has been checked for its working condition.  As much as I try to put words to describe its condition, it is best you give me a call should you be interested in any. Call Chee at 65-82010233 to discuss. All local sales in Cash/Nets only and overseas deals are welcome.
Overseas customers to note:
Payment strictly via bank transfer only. NO Western Union or credit card. Latter constraints due to the huge admin work involved. Shipping is separate. Due to some equipment come to us without box and packaging, we may ask for handling fee esp. shipping via post office.
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Tannoy Sterling TW (TC) speakers (vintage) 
This is very nice pair of vintage Tannoy purchased from Tat Chuan back in year 2000 (serial no. 015429M). The owner has since upgraded with Tannoy original footers to raise the speakers to ear listening level. The speakers are in excellent condition without any scratches. These speakers are currently located at the customer’s place and viewing can be separately arranged.
Condition 9/10
Asking price: S$4500
whest TITAN Pro reference phono stage 
This pre-owned phono stage would be many vinylphiles’ last phono stage. Hardly surface in the used market, this is a fabulous chance to own one of the best, high-end solid state phono stage that is flexible in usage, ultra quiet, fluid, refine and fast. New retails at S$13,800. Box and accessories not included. Overseas buyers welcome.   
Condition 9/10
Asking price: S$7800 (cash and carry)  
Origin Live Enterprise-C 9″ tonearm
Selling individually or as a set, both items are from the same owner and have been very lightly used. The owner is re-configuring his ultra high-end system and as such, letting go this premium rig at a sharp discount. Both items are currently at the owner’s place and viewing may be arranged separately.
Tonearm:  Comes with original box/manual but without tonearm cable
Condition 9/10
Asking price: S$5200

Cartridge: Comes with original box/manual and tools. Used for only 150 hours because owner has 5 other cartridges. New retails at a shade above S$8000.
Condition 9/10
Asking price: S$3200 ** RESERVED **

IPC Acoustic EQ w/ custom stands 
Selling a trade-in pair of IPC Acoustic EQ with custom acrylic stands.  This sound treatment device is like no other. Placing one or more units strategically, it effectively reduces energy loss during  the sound  transmission process. The result is a more vivid and lusher sound. The built-in, damping control allows you to fine-tune the sound-absorbing level, allowing user to tailor to his/her own listening environment and preference. 
More info at IPC website:
Condition 9/10
Asking price: S$4200 (cash and carry) 
Technics SL 1200G (240V) w/ Time-Step SL1200GAE psu (no cartridge)
This turntable is the current model and in almost new condition. This sale includes original box, manual, power supply, phono cable, power cords and other accompanying accessories. The stock power supply was upgraded to a dedicated one (from UK) for use only with this turntable. This power supply alone costs S$1500 and is recommended by Technics UK as the best upgrade. The stock power supply is included but without cartridge. However, we are happy to install one for you or you may buy a new one from us which we would provide the perfect alignment service for you (FOC). 
Condition 9+/10
Asking price: S$5300 (cash and carry) 
Origin Live Linear Flow II phono cable (DIN-RCA)
This was Origin Live’s previous top model for phono cable. Overall in excellent condition, no scratch in outer sleeve. Without box or manual.    
Condition 8+/10
Asking price: S$400 (cash and carry) 
Crystal Micro 3m Speakers cable (spades to spades)
We have 2 pairs of this 3m, very high-end used Crystal cables to let go. The price quoted is for 1 pair. If you are looking to buy 2 pairs for bi-wire use, we could offer you a sweet deal. Note that the total length is 3.3m to be exact (with the micro splitter). Without box or manual.    
Condition 8+/10
Asking price: S$2100 (cash and carry)
Pro-ject RPM5.1 w/ Ortofon 2M Blue and Speed Box DS
Selling only as a set, this serious entry-level turntable comes with an optional turntable cork mat, LP clamp, tonearm/cartridge and the optional speed control. This unit is in plug and play mode which makes a great upgrade for users of DJ turntables and/or for those who are thinking of getting into more serious turntable sound but keeping a tight budget. Without box or manual.    
Condition 8+/10
Asking price: S$900 (cash and carry)
 Studio Connnections Ref Plus 2.5m RCA Interconnect High-end model  RCA interconnects from UK, a cable specialist, of pro-audio fame – Studio Connections. This is a best in class interconnect in its price range.
Condition 9/10
Asking price: S$800 (cash and carry)
Pro-ject  Debut III (piano black), no cartridge
Local set, Pro-ject Debut III with custom dust cover but without cartridge. The original dust cover did not come with this turntable. No box or manual but everything else is in excellent condition. This is a great starter turntable for new comers or a second turntable. You may bring your choice cartridge to us or buy one from us so we may a perfect alignment for you.  
Condition: 8+/10
Asking price: $280
Pro-ject RPM9.2 Evolution, Speedbox DS, Ortofon Quintet Blue 
Selling as a set only – Pro-ject RPM9.2, Pro-ject Evolution tonearm, LP clamp, Speed box DS and Ortofon Quintet Blue cartridge. This system is a local set and barely a year old. We have fully re-calibrated the system and  now in plug-and-play mode. Makes an excellent choice for newbies as well as upgraders from budget turntables. No box or manual but in excellent near-mint shape.  
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: $1900
Leben RS28CX pre-amp
Only few weeks old, still run-in, flagship pre-amp (with MM phono stage) from Leben  (Japan). Condition is stone cold mint as customer just traded in this for a another very high-end pre-amp. No box but includes original manual and ambilical cord.
Condition: 9+/10
Asking price: $3500   
  Note: All connectors, chassis are like new.
Rogue Audio Sphinx (ver 1)
Highly versatile original version 100w hybrid integrated amplifier in black face with remote control. Includes original box (no manual) and remote control. Graded lower due to slight chip at edge of faceplate. 
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Condition: 8+/10
Asking price: $1300 
IPC Sound Power (4 inlet power conditioner)
From the same maker of LP and CD Energizer, 4 input power conditioner .  Was awarded Stereotimes Most Wanted Component. Includes original box. 
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Condition: 9/10
Asking price: $1300  
Cambridge Audio Azur 840C-S 
Well known CDP, is musical, well-built and capable to up-sample to 24/384. Comes with original box, manual and remote control.
Condition: 8+/10
Asking Price: $500

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