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Below are the used/trade-in/consigned/ex-demo quality gears. Every piece has been checked for its working condition.  As much as I try to put words to describe its condition, it is best you give me a call should you be interested in any. Call Chee at 65-82010233 to discuss. All local sales in Cash/Nets only and overseas offers are welcome.
Overseas customers to note:
Payment strictly via bank transfer only. NO Western Union or credit card. Latter constraints due to the huge admin work involved. Shipping is separate. Due to some equipment come to us without box and packaging, we may ask for handling fee esp. shipping via post office.
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Manger C1 with LF module (active speakers) 
A reluctant sale per owner due to home re-configuration. This well love pair of flagship active speakers from Germany is only 1+ year old, in flawless shape and performance. The asking price includes the optional pair of LF (low frequency) as well as the original Manger stand. This sale is for one whole set only.
Original box is not included and as such, local sale is much preferred unless overseas buyer agrees to pay extra for crating services. 
Condition 9/10
Asking price: S$16500 
Bergmann Magne w/ custom dust cover
Hard to come by, richly awarded airbearing Bergmann Magne turntable system (Denmark) in very limited piano white finish. Turntable is 2.5 years old and in overall excellent condition. This turntable has been re-calibrated by us and is now installed with a new belt and air-filter. 
This sale includes the airbearing tangential Magne tonearm, LP clamp, air-pump, power supply and a custom dust cover. Also comes with original box, tools and manual. This sale does not include external interconnects and cartridge. 
Condition 9/10
Asking price: S$6950 (cash and carry)
April Music Eximus S1 Stereo/Mono amp (240v)
Well reviewed, gripping, agile, powerful Class D design amplifier switchable to either stereo or mono mode. Stereo: 125W/CH at 8 Ohms, Bridge: 500W/CH at 8 Ohms. Supports both RCA and XLR input. Comes with original box and manual.
Condition 9/10
Asking price: S$1800 (single) or S$3200 (buy both units)
Engelholm Audio Coda Feet (set of 4)
Beautifully machined, heavy, adjustable equipment feet from Sweden. Comes in-built with m8 screws which you may use directly to replace the stock ones of your equipment. Excellent result tested with big equipment like amplifiers, turntables, conditioners etc. Comes with original wooden box.
Condition 9/10
Asking price: S$490
Coincident CST .5 Speaker Cables 2.5m (spades connectors)
Unused new old stock Coincident speaker cables from Canada in spades configuration (both ends). Comes with original carton box.
Condition 10/10
Asking price: S$380
Acrolink 6N-PC6100 power cord
Renown high-end, pure copper power cord from Japan well suited for high powered equipment like conditioners, pre-amp and power amp.  No box.
Condition 9/10
Asking price: S$650
Ortofon ST-90 MC Step Up 
Luxurious step-up for users of MM phono input wanting to enjoy MC phono cartridge. ST-90 accepts RCA input but provide separate RCA and XLR output. 
Unit is only about 1 year old as it was purchased from us. No box.
Condition 9/10
Asking price: S$850
ASC Tube Trap (selling as a pair)
Famous bass traps selling as a set. This pair of tube traps have been in used for many years but is still effective for its purpose although the externals do look its age.  The individual tube trap measures 93 cm in height and 29 cm in diameter. 
Condition 7/10
Asking price: S$650 (a pair)
Trafomatic Experience TWO Integrated amp (240V)
This highly reviewed 300B integrated amp (2 x 8w) comes with original box and tubes (per picture). This Class A single-ended amp would drive high sensitivity speakers beautifully via either 4 or 8 ohm tap.  It weights 21 kg, original box, remote control are included.  
[Click here] for review from 6moons
[Click here] for review from High Fidelity
Condition 9/10
Asking price: S$2000
Studio Connections Black Star 2m RCA Interconnects 
This pair of top-end model interconnects from Studio Connections (UK) belongs to a customer who recently switched to an all balanced system after this cable purchase. This sale comes without packaging but the connectors and shielding are still in new condition.  Price is heavily discounted and is as such, a very sweet bargain if you’ve been waiting to purchase this superb sounding cable for the longest time.
Condition 9+/10
Asking price: S$2990
Pass labs XOno (240V, vintage flagship phono stage) 
This 2-box was a dream machine of many vinyl players a decade ago and still is perhaps a benchmark performing phono of many manufacturers. This phono stage accepts MM or MC  cartridges and the unique feature is that the MC stage has an almost infinite amount of impedance settings. The set works perfectly. The connectors and cables may look old but only due to normal use. User manual, power cables are  included but no box. 
Condition 8/10
Asking price: S$3650
Ocellia Silver 2.5m speaker cables (bare cables) 
Pure silver cables from Ocellia (France). This pair of speaker cables were previously used for a pair of high sensitivity Ocellia single-driver speakers which prefer bare wires (without connectors). The Ocellia wooden box is included in this sale.
Condition 8+/10
Asking price: S$600
Meitner MA1 DAC (universal voltage) 
Former top model DAC from Canada. A local set in very well cared condition. Comes with original packing and power cord.
Condition 9/10
Asking price: S$5000


 Studio Connnections Ref Plus 2.5m RCA Interconnect High-end model  RCA interconnects from UK, a cable specialist, of pro-audio fame – Studio Connections. This is a best in class interconnect in its price range.
Condition 9/10
Asking price: S$800 (cash and carry)
Pro-ject  Debut III (piano black), no cartridge
Local set, Pro-ject Debut III with custom dust cover but without cartridge. The original dust cover did not come with this turntable. No box or manual but everything else is in excellent condition. This is a great starter turntable for new comers or a second turntable. You may bring your choice cartridge to us or buy one from us so we may a perfect alignment for you.  
Condition: 8+/10
Asking price: $280
Pro-ject RPM9.2 Evolution, Speedbox DS, Ortofon Quintet Blue 
Selling as a set only – Pro-ject RPM9.2, Pro-ject Evolution tonearm, LP clamp, Speed box DS and Ortofon Quintet Blue cartridge. This system is a local set and barely a year old. We have fully re-calibrated the system and  now in plug-and-play mode. Makes an excellent choice for newbies as well as upgraders from budget turntables. No box or manual but in excellent near-mint shape.  
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: $1900
Rogue Audio Sphinx (ver 1)
Highly versatile original version 100w hybrid integrated amplifier in black face with remote control. Includes original box (no manual) and remote control. Graded lower due to slight chip at edge of faceplate. 
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Condition: 8+/10
Asking price: $1300 

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