LP Appreciation Day 2009

Show Report

Modular Audio held a special 1-day event called “LP Appreciation Day” for vinylphiles orLPAD promotion poster to-be vinylphiles on 7 Nov 09 to share with you some music from our personal LP collection, LP tips and so on. We would like to thank all who turned up and we hope that you enjoyed the program that we’ve designed for you. Here’s a rundown of the fun we had.

First off, we did a shootout on Norah Jones’ multi-award winning “Come Away With Me” CD (Blue Note) versus the same title in LP (of standard Blue Note release). Given that both media were released at the same time, we felt that it was a fair comparison. The result was not unexpected as LP played from the cheaper source – Origin Live Aurora Mk 2 with OL1 arm (with Structural upgrade) retailing at S$1,999 was favoured over the much higher priced CD player.

LPAD kick-off

Not convinced? Another quick AB was next conducted using Kenny G “Live”. This time using a sort-after Japanese pressed CD against the US Arista LP. The result was even more obvious than the last test. The resolution from the LP was much higher with a lot more song in Songbird.

Convinced now why we became vinylphiles? Of course! Now on with the show…

We kicked off with this Joan Baez live LP titled “Diamonds & Rust In the Bullring”. We played about one and a half track. The live ambient was so vividly captured on LP.

LPAD 2nd program

Besides some pop/rock from Mary Black, Jennifer Warnes, The Beatles, we also selected a vintage Blue Note LP (deep groove) by John Coltrane and even some metal from Metallica!

LPAD slot1

There was no show of hands (as expected) when we asked if any of the attendees actually play any classical music at home. No worries, perhaps Modular Audio should organise the next LPAD titled “Classical Music For the Dummies”. The audience was informed there are many superbly recorded and beautiful light Classical music out there.

Original mono version of Blue Train
Now playing mono version (deep groove) of Blue Train. Nice airy saxophone.

Nearing the end of our 1.5 hour program, it’s time for the Mother of All Audiophile LP

Flamenco Fever “Live” Direct-To-Disc. After listening, Martin posed the question “Do you think this is worth the hundreds of US dollars?”

Participants to LPADAudience of LPAD

Tough question with no universal answer… “Yes, I would think so”; “Are you crazy?!”; “Get lost!”. In the end, if it makes you happy (the very reason why we are hobbyist) – Why not?!

We ended the set with Gary Moore’s 45RPM test pressing of “Still Got The Blues (For You)”. Full marks to the song, the recording and the showroom sound (Ocellia fullrange speakers, amplifier and cables).

LPAD players

As requested by some of you, here is the setlist of the original LPs featured in LPAD:

  1. No Woman, No Cry – Joan Baez from Diamonds & Rust In the Bullring (Gold Castle Records)
  2. And I Love Her – The Beatles from A Hard Day’s Night (Parlophone, Mono version)
  3. Mr. Wonderful – Ayako Hosokawa from To Mr. Wonderful (Three Blind Mice)
  4. Columbus – Mary Black from No Frontiers (Dara)
  5. Nothing Else Matters – Metallica from “Black” (Elektra)
  6. James Newton Howard Quintet (CES preview edition)
  7. Moment’s Notice – John Coltrane from Blue Train (Blue Note, mono)
  8. St. Thomas – Sonny Rollins from Saxophone Colossus (DCC, mono)
  9. Meditation – Arturo Delmoni from Songs My Mother Taught me (North Star Records)
  10. San Francisco Choral Artists – Star of Wonder (Reference Recordings)
  11. Lute Concertos & Trios – Vivaldi (Hungaroton)
  12. Way Down Deep – Jennifer Warnes from The Hunter (Private Music)
  13. Llorona – Flamenco Fever (M&K)
  14. Still Got The Blues (For You) – Gary Moore (45RPM, test pressing)

Once again, a big thank you to all who came, we hope you have had as much fun and benefitted (musically) from this event. Do take note of the limited period LP discount voucher. We’ll see you soon!

PSV Sound magazine vol 66PSV Sound magazine reported the same event in Vol. 66 of their publication. [Click here] for the reprint (in Chinese).

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