LP Appreciation Day 2011

Show Report

LPAD 2011 show
We held the 3rd LP Appreciation Day or LPAD on 6 August in our showroom @ The LPAD 2011 promotion posterAdelphi. The objectives of LPAD are mainly to share the little we know about LP; introduce some new music to our customers (from newbie to old-hand) and to have fun in this niche little hobby. LPAD is hence, largely a non commercial event.


This 90 mins show was divided into 4 parts and in the first, we played some local pressings i.e. LPs printed by either HK, Singapore or Malaysia. Local pressings are usually shunned by local vinylphiles for their inferior print quality (artwork and the record) but in our LP journey, we’ve come across acceptable local pressings that can be had at a reasonable price. Next, we played a couple of Greatest Hits and/or Compilation records. Again, greatest hits are generally not that great in sonic due to its over crowded grooves and questionable source of recording. I reckon we caught many by surprise when the late 80s Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits “Dreams” sounded better than the same found in their 1976 Rumors (US version).

In our 3rd segment, we played several A/B comparing good reissues and their original pressings. We could see that most attendees find this segment interesting. By our audience’s feedback, the vote was even-steven for preference of good reissues versus original pressings. The good reissues appeal to vinylphiles who want better clarity and dynamics whereas original diehards desire that “old feeling” or mood which only an original could capture. Of course, we also feel that your preference could also be influenced by your own system/room acoustics.

No hi-fi show is complete without playing audiophiles records. Rightly so, we closed our show by playing some of the harder-to-find audiophile records (with excellent music). Audiophile records can be reassuring of one’s Hi-Fi, is confident boosting and when played well, could be downright spooky in effects. The sonic images could be so 3D and palatable like watching a movie. We could see heads shaking in disbelief when the remarkable finale tune “Percussive Pyromania” was played.

So soon, the 90 minutes went by and it took us some 2 weeks to put this whole program together. We are happy with the results and your response.

Next, the stars of our show:
Bergmann Sindre

Multiple Turntable of the Year award-winning Bergmann Sindre turntable from Denmark. We mounted a Clearaudio Titanium cartridge to match this high-end, frictionless, very silent, air-bearing turntable and air-bearing linear tracking tonearm.

Ocellia Calliope.21
Ocellia Calliope.21
(Silver) kept our guests looking for any hidden sub-woofer in our showroom. How could a simple 2-way high-efficiency speaker produce such big, realistic sound? Some of the answers came from the accompanying electronics from Coincident (CST) Statement Linestage and M300B 8-watt per channel monoblock. The Whest PS.30RDT Special Edition was also crucial in the excellent music chain keeping faith to whatever Bergmann Sindre throws at her. All cables are from Ocellia Signature and Reference series

Thank you all for coming. We certainly hope that your 90 mins with us was well spent and you picked up something useful in our presentation.

LPAD 2011 players
A good mix of LP -.we played from the common Beatles “Love Songs” to audiophile demo disk “Hell Freezes Over” to the mother of all audiophile LP “Flamengo Fever”.

Our playlist:

  • Don Mclean – Vincent (American Pie, local pressing)
  • Beatles – Yesterday (20 Greatest Hits, local pressing)
  • Lynrd Skynrd – What’s Your Name (Street Survivors, local pressing)
  • Beatles – And I Love Her (Love Songs, Japan pressing)
  • Manha de Carnaval (Orfeu Negro, Germany pressing)
  • Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (Rumours / Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits)
  • Eagles – Hotel California (Hell Freezes Over – Simply Vinyl / Geffen, Holland pressing)
  • Dave Brubeck – Take Five (Classic Record 180g / Columbia US 2-eye)
  • Louis Armstrong – St James Infirmary (Classic Record 45rpm / Audio Fidelity US pressing)
  • Teresa Teng – Story of Little Town (Kolin Taiwan / Polydor HK pressing)
  • Boys Band – Don’t Stop Me Baby (Asylum, US pressing)
  • Ayako – Mr. Wonderful (Three Blind Mice)
  • Kornet Har Sin Vila – There’s Wideness in God’s Mercy (Proprius)
  • Flamengo Fever (M&K)
  • Friedemann Aquamarine Orchestra – Percussion Pyromania (ESA)

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